Cate Blanchett at We Choose Earth Tour Conference; Rumours German Premiere at Filmfest München

Warwick Thornton’s THE NEW BOY is out now in cinemas in Belgium, it will be released in cinemas in Netherlands on 18 July.

Guy Maddi, Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson’s RUMOURS will have its German premiere at Munich Film Festival held from 28 June to 7 July 2024. Details below.

Cate Blanchett attended the We Choose Earth Tour Conference on Thursday in Munich, Germany.

Rumours at Filmfest München

Munich Film Festival is bringing back the 100,000-euro CineCoPro Award, Germany’s most valuable co-production prize. RUMOURS is part of the lineup on this section since the film is a co-production between Canada and Germany.

After a four-year break, the Munich International Film Festival brings back the 100,000-euro CineCoPro Award. International co-productions involving German co-producers will vie for this exceptional award in the CineCoPro Competition. The films in this section are selected by the Munich International Film Festival’s team of curators. All of the films nominated for the award will be screened in Munich as world, international, European, or German premieres.

The prize money of 100,000 euros will be provided by the FFF Bayern and distributed to the German co-producers of the winning film for the next co-production. The winning film will be chosen by an independent jury comprised of three experts. The award ceremony will be held during the Munich International Film Festival on Saturday, July 6, 2024.

The German premiere for RUMOURS will be on 1 July with additional screenings on 3 and 4 July. All screenings will be followed by a Q&A with one of the film’s producers, Lis Jarvis. Tickets can be booked here. They will be screening the same cut shown at Cannes which is 118 minutes according to the festival’s programme.

We Choose Earth Tour Conference

The event is organized by EDP, a global leader in renewable energies that is present throughout the energy sector value chain, and will bring together opinion leaders from the public, private, and social sectors in a debate aimed at inspiring collective change to ensure a more sustainable future for our planet.

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Film star Cate Blanchett, who is also a well-known advocate for climate change solutions as well as co-founder of the production company Dirty Films, criticized some of the most controversial actions of the world’s big business leaders in a conversation on environmental challenges and innovative solutions at a conference in Munich on Thursday.

“We have reached a point where a single person is rich enough to own a spaceship, something governments can only dream of,” Blanchett posited at the conference held in the Bavarian capital and titled ‘We Choose Earth Tour 24’.

The actress commented with disapproval that such luxury takes place in a world where “thousands of people are starving and displaced due to wars”.

For her, this situation is a symptom that “something is very wrong”.

Blanchett made these statements in his speech at the second edition of this conference, promoted by the Portuguese energy multinational EDP.

In this public event, individuals and companies are involved and mobilized to address the climate crisis and adapt environmental preservation measures, especially now that global heat has reached its highest point in the last decade, those responsible for ‘We Choose Earth’ recalled this Thursday. Tour 24′.

During her speech, Blanchett highlighted the work of EDP for its involvement with sustainability and urged to promote a greener, fairer and safer world, adding that this requires not only renewable energy, but – in her opinion – energy “well made” renewables.

The producer of the ‘Climate Change’ podcast also invited private companies to try and include renewable energies in their identity, pointing out that “it is justice along with sustainability that must be at the core of every industry from now on” .

Regarding green energies, Blanchett emphasized that they are not only a possibility, but a reality that, well managed, still produces “reasonable benefits for its shareholders”.

On the other hand, before receiving applause he stated: “If we have reached a point where some leaders seriously think that leaving the planet in a mess is an option worthy of consideration, then it is time for us to unite.”

Finally, the movie star asked new entrepreneurs to add to their strategies, among other things, “honor and its derivative, transparency; emotion, which is an energizer, and its derivative, courage” in addition to “curiosity and imagination” .

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