Cate Blanchett Wins the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress

Congratulations Cate Blanchett for winning the Best Actress Award at the SAG Awards. More pictures coming tomorrow!

2 Comments on “Cate Blanchett Wins the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress”

  1. While I agree it may have been unfair to flash the WRAP IT UP sign to hasten your acceptance speech at SAG Awards, your snippy snipe was too personally directed at Matthew McConaughey, not once but twice. Could have been handled better & now I think your are snooty thespian w/bad manners. You should apolgize to him since your words seem to poke fun at his speech, when the problem was the producers. Mind your Manners Ms Blanchett. Perhpas an Australian charm school could help at award season.

  2. Thanks for the pics and great speech. Love that she spoke up for herself in terms of getting time to talk. What she said about Matthew was in all good fun.

    I also liked that she thanked, the people (by name) who helped with the lighting and costumes etc in the movie.

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