Happy 50th Birthday Cate!


Hello Blanchetters!

Today is the day: Cate Blanchett’s 50th birthday!
We would like to share our heartfelt wishes to out favourite actress, a model in many artistic fields, a paladin to noble causes and an environmental supporter.

In the spirit of this fansite, maintened by fans for fans, we have decided to published our remain unshared contents, realizing a series of mass posts every few weeks, to continue the celebration of such an important milestone.

And as a special gift to celebrate Cate’s birthday we have found out the first movie she ever did: Police Rescue (1994). You can watch below a clip with Cate’s scenes.

We are also launching our newsletter today. You can join by adding your email to the form (sidebar).

We also would would like to announce that CBF Team is now growing with 3 new members based on Australasia!
That said, we ask for your support, the respect of this work, and, if you want, donations to help the site.

To Mrs. Blanchett, once again, our deepest and most sincere Happy Birthday!!

Public Events (2000-2013): almost all the MQ pictures in the gallery have been replaced with HQ pictures (clear the cache to see them). 24 new events added to the gallery plus over 2500 addictional pictures to previous albums. Enjoy!

9 Comments on “Happy 50th Birthday Cate!”

  1. What a glorious day..Happy Happy 50th Cate..Hope you have the best birthday ever..
    From Canada..

  2. Xronia Polla Cate! Enjoy the day and don’t forget: time doesn’t exist!
    From Greece with love.

  3. Happy and sweet birthay, Cate.
    And thank you for being such a real mensch !

  4. Happy Birthday Ms. Blanchett!

    Thank you for all of your hard work in your professional life and thank you for bringing awareness of the suffering of others in the world through your efforts with the UNHCR. You have been an extraordinary inspiration to my life.

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