UNHCR and The Four Temperaments videos, Q&As and interview with Cate Blanchett

Hi, Blanchetters!

Great start of the week, Q&A with Apples director Christos Nikou and Cate who is an executive producer of the film has been released. New UNHCR video and full The Four Temperaments art video were also uploaded. And you can also read a snippet of new interview with Cate.



According to The Washington Post, George Clooney’s The Midnight Sky virtual premiere will be followed by a Q&A moderated by Cate on December 8th, 2020 (5pm PT/8pm ET). Unfortunately, this one is by invitation only but we will be updating if there’s any article/video released about this.

Here’s the snippet of the new interview with Cate which you can read in full here:

STIL: What impact do you think the Covid-19 pandemic might have on our collective actions around the environment? Amid the tragedies and losses, do you see opportunities for re-greening, cooperation and positive change?

CB: There is a huge opportunity for emerging changed from these globally challenging times. Without a doubt it’s been a monumentally difficult and tragic time for so many people. There was a survey taken in the first lockdown asking people if they wanted to return to the ‘old normal’ once the pandemic subsided, and only around 12% did. The way we were living and consuming was not working. It was unsustainable – emotionally, psychologically and physically. I think there has not been a lot of great leadership over these months, but on an individual level there has been a deep sense of introspection and reflection. I am hopeful that some of this mindfulness will stick as we re-emerge.

As posted previously, Cate was nominated at the AACTA’s Favourite Global Star of the Decade category. You can watch the commentary on Cate at 36:34.






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