Cate Blanchett Film Critics Trifecta Sweep; and NYFCC & PSIFF Awards Gala and TÁR screenings

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Cate Blanchett has a tárrific (excuse the pun) start of the year. She is the first actor to have won the leading acting prize from the three major film critics associations: New York Film Critics Circle, Los Angeles Film Critics Association, and National Society of Film Critics — she first swept the film critics tárifecta for her performance in Blue Jasmine and now for TÁR which also won Best Picture from all three. Cate attended the gala dinner for NYFCC winners last Tuesday, LAFCA annual banquet is on January 14th. NSFC announced their winners on January 7th where Todd Field also won Best Screenplay while Nina Hoss is best supporting actress runner-up.

Cate was presented with Desert Palm Achievement Award (Actress) by Jamie Lee Curtis during Palm Springs International Film Festival then later in the evening she presented the Chairman’s Award to Viola Davis. Todd and Nina were also at the event to support Cate and they have attended TÁR screenings and Q&As around Los Angeles.

On other news, Cate with several Hollywood figures appeared on a video message made by Iranian-American screenwriter, Nicole Najafi. They have called on Iran to stop the execution of the protesters who have been fighting for their basic rights.

“We stand with the people of Iran in their fight for freedom,” the video reads. “Thousands of protesters have been arrested. Some have already been executed. Many more are in danger. But the world is watching.”

“We want to get as many eyes on this issue as possible, and in so doing, make the Islamic Republic feel the pressure — the international community is watching,” Marnò tells The Hollywood Reporter. “The other purpose of this is to show Iranians in Iran that the world is with them; that they are not forgotten; that their protests and suffering are not in vain. They are out there in the streets risking their lives, and it has been going on for months now. We can’t underestimate the mental and physical stamina that takes.”

The demonstrations, which are a part of a recent series of uprisings against the Islamic Republic within the last several years, look to return the country to democracy and follow the September death of Mahsa Amini. The young Kurdish woman was in the custody of the nation’s Guidance Patrol, or morality police, after being arrested for allegedly improperly wearing her hijab.

In response, Iranians took to the streets where they have been met with nationwide internet blackouts, social media restrictions, teargassing, water canons, the use of live ammunition and executions, beginning with Mohsen Shekari’s, which the government alleged was tied to a protest-related crime. (As of late December, Human Rights Iran reported around 500 deaths associated with the demonstrations, with thousands more arrested and 100 protestors at risk of execution — sentences and arrests that are ongoing.)

NYFCC Awards Gala, PSIFF, TÁR screenings

Cate Blanchett is one of the 30 actors featured on British Vogue’s annual Hollywood Portfolio.

Cate Blanchett is Letterboxd’s most watched actress for the year 2022, her first time at the top of the list.

NYFCC – Candids Outside
NYFCC – Arrivals
NYFCC Gala Awards

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PSIFF – Arrivals

PSIFF – Show
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TÁR Special Screening
Louis Vuitton and W Magazine Awards Season Dinner
The Daily Telegraph – January 7th 2023

Cate’s glam team:

Styling: Elizabeth Stewart
Make-up: Mary Greenwell
Hair: Adir Abergel (PSIFF) and Robert Vetica

Sources: THR, Letterboxd, Vogue UK, Indiewire