Sì Passione – New promotional interviews
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Apr 30, 2019

Sì Passione – New promotional interviews

Hello Blachetters!!

Last November Cate visited Shanghai to promote Giorgio Armani’s Sì Passione, the fragrance launched in 2018. She has released several interviews at the time and we missed two of them:

Marie Claire Korea (click on the image below to open the link to the interview)

and Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, read below, from the February issue of the magazine. Enjoy!

In her latest role as global beauty ambassador for Armani Beauty, Cate Blanchett comes full circle as the reigning face of the new Sì fragrance, Sì Passione

An irresistible combination of grace, strength and independence of spirit was how Giorgio Armani described the Sì fragrance when it launched in 2013. The woman who encapsulated all of that as the face? Cate Blanchett. Her authenticity, veracity and innate ability to embody any role made her the ultimate embodiment of Si, and since then, she has only become even more multi-faceted. In the last year alone, the Australian actress has been a good witch, a python seer, and a badass, impeccably styled jewellery thief, on top of her real-life roles as a mother, theatre director, advocate and jury president of the 71st Cannes Film Festival. But beyond that, she has broadened her role at Giorgio Armani Beauty, now representing fragrance, skincare and makeup as the brand’s first global beauty ambassador, a timely evolution as Si reveals a new, powerful reinvention of its own: Sì Passione. Dressed in signature Armani red, this floral-fruity scent bursts with juicy pear and blackcurrant, sensual roses and cedar woody vanilla, a bold and bright concoction fashioned with the woman who fearlessly says yes in mind. Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore caught up with Cate Blanchett at Sì Passione’s crimson fete in Shanghai for more about the fragrance and the woman:

Fragrance is… An intimate expression of self—one’s desires, dreams and memories. It’s an invitation. Personally, a scent can change my mood, lift my spirits and propel me into the day in an exciting way.

What I gravitate to in Si Passione is… The deep sensual notes, and its delicate complexity. It makes me feel adventurous and perhaps most importantly, make me feel like myself.

I am passionate person… About my family, moments of genuine intimacy and on a big scale …the preservation of the natural world! I am a passionate person in general. There is so much I yet crave to experience.

Not many people know about… My passion for gardening, ceramics and my game of pool!

Giorgio Armani’s vision… Together with his strength and depth are the reasons all the elements of the Armani brand are so interwoven—across fashion, beauty, fragrance, Armani Case and even the Silos in Milan. He is not only inside all creative decisions, his sense of curiosity and aesthetic exploration remains undiminished.

The Armani woman is… Full of confidence and grace. She is adventurous of spirit and passionate about life. I can but strive to be this!

Success… Can never be guaranteed—it’s outside our control. So to be honest, I’ve never focused on it. It’s lovely when and if it happened but one doesn’t learn much from success. I think I’ve rather focused on the journey, the process. Longevity has been of interest to me. In order to assure this? I guess it helps to remain curious and know an opportunity when it comes your way, no matter how small it may seem. And hard work. A lot of it is about application, and realising you are never too old or experience to learn new tricks.

For me, saying “yes”… Has always led to exciting and unexpected experiences.


Sì Fiori by Giorgio Armani – Behind the scenes with Cate Blanchett
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Feb 8, 2019

Sì Fiori by Giorgio Armani – Behind the scenes with Cate Blanchett

Hello Blanchetters!

We are a bit late with this update, but we have more stuff to show you! This post is dedicated to behind the scenes: the video, the pictures from the set, the offcial ones and the one taken by the crew. We have some HQs and new promotional videos and a new interview. Enjoy!

Behind the scenes videos and pictures

Pictures source: Daily Mail

New interview

Cate Blanchett on fragrance and femininity
Giorgio Armani’s global beauty ambassador discusses being ‘the spirit’ of Sì

Multi-award-winning actress, theatre director and UN goodwill ambassador, Cate Blanchett is the ultimate modern role model.

She also plays beauty muse for Giorgio Armani as the first global beauty ambassador of the house, a role which sees her currently communicating the story of Sì fiori, a new eau de parfum launching this month.

Synonymous with the Sì fragrance since its inception in 2013, Blanchett, 49, says she prefers not to be seen as its ‘face’.

“Being the so-called ‘face’ of this fragrance – I think I’d prefer to say ‘the spirit’ of this fragrance – so being this Sì ‘spirit’ is all about creating an atmosphere in which I can inhabit a myriad of different states.” She adds, “Being a Sì woman isn’t a static thing – it’s full of flow: joy, apprehension, excitement, desire, risk and frivolity. And love, bien sûr!”

Blanchett’s relationship with fragrance is deep-rooted and cherished. “The home of my childhood was always fragrant – a house full of women! Lavender, freesia, firewood, the smell of the sea, of whatever was cooking. I remember my grandmother always smelling of violets and my mother of citrus,” she recalls. “Fragrance, like music, always lifts my spirits.”

It’s the “deep developing notes” that she’s drawn to in a perfume, she explains. “I love a scent that promises to contain experience yet to be had.”

This notion is played out in the new Sì film directed by Fleur Fortuné, where Blanchett is captured in a couture dress at the supermarket, running against the flow, and diving out of a plane. All express a sense of freedom, individuality and daring that Armani Beauty hopes one feels when spritzing the new scent.

Blanchett describes the women she portrays (“a woman I myself aspire to be”) as someone who is “adventurous, full of emotion, open to the world and experience and comfortable in her own skin”.

Naturally, Blanchett’s distinguished beauty and natural elegance closely align with the aesthetic of the brand, that of unfussy femininity that conveys class.

“I have long been inspired by Mr. Armani’s aesthetic,” she says, describing it as “a harmonious and natural synthesis of traditionally masculine and traditionally feminine lines.”

“He celebrates women in their glorious complexity and encourages an effortless chic,” she articulates of the designer.

While their relationship is longstanding, Blanchett’s next role is anyone’s guess. “The character for me is always the last point of entry. It’s always about the quality of the conversation and the people I will be working alongside. I love surprises. The roles, I haven’t willed into being, if that makes sense. The role I would least expect to play.”

via Harper’s Bazaar

New promotional videos (15 seconds)



New Magazine Scans
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Dec 28, 2018

New Magazine Scans

Hello everyone!

Here are some magazine scans featuring Cate Blanchett. Enjoy!



P.s. if we miss anything, please, contact us via mail or using the chat.

Sì Promotional Event in Shanghai
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Nov 8, 2018

Sì Promotional Event in Shanghai

Hello dears! Cate Blanchett, Giorgio Armani Beauty Ambassador, attended a Sì Promotional Event two days ago in Shanghai, where she posed for photographers and answered some questions over the fragrance. Enjoy!

Sì Passione – New promotional interview
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Apr 26, 2018

Sì Passione – New promotional interview

Good afternoon, Blanchetters!

The lovely I’m in love with her on CBF Chat reported us a new interview for Marie Claire Belgie, and she also translated it! Enjoy!

Cate Blanchett: lees hier het volledige Marie Claire interview
Hoewel Cate Blanchett zo weinig mogelijk met haar uiterlijke schoonheid wil bezig zijn, is ze het gezicht van Giorgio Armani’s Si parfum. Voor de campagne toont ze de vrouw in al haar facetten. Wij zijn benieuwd naar welke van al die vrouwen er nu echt voor onze neus zit. Eentje met inhoud, zo blijkt, en met zo’n zwoele stem dat we twee keer moet kijken om te zien of zij het wel is.

Hoe zou je Si Van Giorgio Armani in drie woorden omschrijven?
Cate Blanchett: “Complex, sensueel en krachtig.”

Wat betekent parfum voor jou?
“Geuren hebben altijd een grote rol gespeeld in mijn leven. Ze bepalen mijn stemming en gemoed. Je komt een gebouw binnen, een keuken, je grootmoeders huis, de natuur,… de geur, en het bijkomende gevoel dat je tegemoet komt, speelt in op je manier van denken. Ik vind het geweldig dat Armani een parfum creëerde dat zo positief is. Niet enkel in haar naam. Het parfum heeft diepte, mysterie en kracht. Maar ook lichtheid en zoetheid. Helemaal in lijn met Armani’s leven als ontwerper en zijn visie op de vrouw.”

In de campagne vertolk je de verschillende aspecten van het vrouw-zijn. Maar met welke emoties en eigenschappen zou je jezelf het best omschrijven?
“Altijd beter willen zijn, saai, eigenzinnig (lacht). Je denkt altijd eerder aan de negatieve zaken. Ik denk dat ik een zeer gepassioneerd persoon ben. En dat ik ongeduldig ben, maar relatief dapper. Al heeft dat als keerzijde dat ik periodes van diepe twijfel doormaak. Maar kijk, als je me dit morgen vraagt som ik waarschijnlijk drie totaal andere zaken op!”

Wat betekent schoonheid voor jou?
“Voor mij verliezen de dingen hun schoonheid en aantrekking met een zelfbewustzijn. Die hele selfie-cultuur vind ik niet mooi. Daarom vind ik de natuur zo angstaanjagend mooi en inspirerend. Omdat het gewoon is. En het evolueert en verandert. De echte mooie dingen hebben een element van vergankelijkheid en spontaniteit in zich.”

Heeft de filmwereld je kijk op schoonheid beïnvloed?
“Je moet je beschermen tegen de perceptie van schoonheid als actrice. Want een deel van actrice zijn, gaat er net om dat je karakters moet spelen waarvan je ook de fouten en de lelijke kant moet laten zien. Als je te gefixeerd bent op het uiterlijk van een karakter of op hoe je eruit ziet op het scherm, geraak je niet tot in de diepte van een rol. Dat zelfbewustzijn moet je van je af kunnen zetten. Al is het onvermijdelijk stil te staan bij hoe een karakter moet overkomen op anderen.
Ik heb soms mijn bedenkingen over de verandering die de digitale wereld van vandaag met zich meebrengt. In een wereld waarin iedereen mooi wil zijn en de hoge resolutie van het scherm elk klein detail zo scherp weergeeft kan het medium zelf een obstakel vormen. Alles wordt bestudeerd en moet er zo goed mogelijk uitzien. Dat kan ertoe leiden dat sommige verhalen niet op een juiste manier worden verteld.”

Maar je bent erg mooi, hoe blijf je er zo goed uitzien?
“Dank je, ik liet mijn haar en make-up net doen! (lacht) Ik probeer er zo weinig mogelijk mee bezig te zijn. Ik denk dat je er in elk stadium van je leven zo goed mogelijk wil uitzien, maar wel als jezelf. Natuurijk zorg ik goed voor mijn huid en kies ik voor een bepaalde stijl. Ik eet gezond. Ik heb vier kinderen, ik vind ik dat ik hen het goede voorbeeld moet geven.”

Wat is je beautyritueel?
“Ik gebruik al vijftien jaar dezelfde beautyproducten en afhankelijk van het seizoen, een droog of vochtig klimaat, pas ik dat aan. Maar zonnebescherming is echt essentieel.”

Wat maakt je gelukkig?
“Het meeste hou ik van dagen die volledig open zijn en er niets in de agenda staat. Een dag dat niets moet. Zo hadden we echt een fantastische kerst vorig jaar. De laatste in Australië voor we terug naar Engeland gingen. We beslisten om die enkel met de jongens, onze dochter, mijn man en mezelf door te brengen. Er was dus niemand die toekwam of wegging of iemand anders om voor te koken. Dat was zo ontspannen. Heerlijk. Op zo’n dag kunnen er wel mensen langskomen of je kan beslissen om iets te doen, maar niets dat op voorhand al vast ligt. Ik hou ervan geen plan te hebben.”

Welke levensles zou je aan je kinderen willen meegeven?
“Ik denk dat het heel belangrijk is dat ze leren niet bang te zijn om fouten te maken. Fouten zijn onvermijdelijk en een belangrijk onderdeel van het leven. Daaruit vloeit voort dat ze risico’s moeten durven nemen. Niet in de zin van drugs gebruiken of roekeloos met de auto rijden aan de verkeerde kant van de weg (lacht), maar berekende risico’s durven nemen.”

Welke vrouw inspireert je?
“Ik heb een vriendin die tegen kanker vecht en ik vind het ongelooflijk inspirerend hoe ze daarmee omgaat, hoe ze het aanpakt en me toelaat haar strijd van dichtbij te volgen. Ook de vrouwelijke vluchtelingen die ik ontmoette zijn bewonderenswaardig. Met zo’n groot hart en vol optimisme blijven ze vechten en geloven in hun zaak.”

En als actrice?
“Ik kijk op naar Sarah Bernhardt, Eleonora Duse en Pina Bausch, grote vrouwen uit het theater uit een tijd waarin ze moesten vechten om een plaats op het podium te bemachtigen. En dat deden ze door hun rollen op een krachtige en haast magnetische manier te vertolken. En door een enorme verscheidenheid aan rollen neer te zetten. Erg inspirerend.”

Wat was de rol van je leven?
“Jeetje, ik hoop dat ik die nog niet had. Ik speelde reeds enkele erg mooie rollen, maar vrij recent deed ik mee aan een visueel kunstwerk in Berlijn van een vriend: Julian Rosefeldt, Manifesto* genaamd. Het is een museumstuk met 13 verschillende schermen, dat geëxposeerd werd in verschillende musea en galerijen. Een soort ode aan de hand van collages van verschillende manifesto’s van bekende kunstenaars. Het was briljant. Ik was daar heel erg bij betrokken.”

En welke rol wil je ooit nog spelen?
“Daar denk ik eigenlijk nooit over na, er moet gewoon iemand zijn die me benadert of een idee oppert waar ik nooit eerder aan dacht.”

Translation in English

Although Cate Blanchett wants to be busy as little as possible with her appearance, she is the face of Giorgio Armani’s Si perfume. For the campaign she shows the woman in all her facets. We are curious to know which of those women is really in front of us now. One with content, it turns out, and with such a sultry voice that we have to look twice to see if it’s her.

How would you describe Si Giorgio Armani in three words?
CB: ‘complex, sensual and powerful’

What does perfume mean for you?
CB: ‘Fragrances have always played a big role in my life. They determine my mood and mind. You enter a building, a kitchen, your grandmother’s house, nature, … the smell, and the additional feeling that comes to meet you, responds to your way of thinking. I think it’s great that Armani created a perfume that is so positive. Not only in her name. The perfume has depth, mystery and power. But also lightness and sweetness. Completely in line with Armani’s life as a designer and his vision of women.’

In the campaign you interpret the different aspects of being a woman. But with which emotions and characteristics would you best describe yourself?
CB: ‘Always wanting to be better, boring, quirky (laughs). You always think about the negative things first. I think I am a very passionate person. And that I am impatient, but relatively brave. Even though that has the downside of experiencing periods of deep doubt. But look, if you ask me this tomorrow, I will probably sum up three totally different things!’

What does beauty mean to you?
CB: ‘For me, things lose their beauty and attraction with self-awareness. I do not like that whole selfie culture. That’s why I find nature so terrifyingly beautiful and inspiring. Because it is normal. And it evolves and changes. The real beautiful things have an element of transience and spontaneity.’

Has the film world influenced your view on beauty?
CB: ‘You have to protect yourself against the perception of beauty as an actress. Because being a part of an actress is just about having to play characters that also show you the mistakes and the ugly side. If you are too fixated on the appearance of a character or on how you look on the screen, you will not get to the depth of a role. You have to be able to get rid of that self-awareness. Although it is unavoidable to reflect on how a character will come across to others. I sometimes have my concerns about the change that the digital world of today brings. In a world where everyone wants to be beautiful and the high resolution of the screen reflects every small detail so sharply, the medium itself can form an obstacle. Everything is studied and should look as good as possible. That can lead to some stories not being told in the right way.’

But you are very beautiful, how do you keep looking so good?
CB: ‘Thank you, I just did my hair and make-up! (laughs) I try to be as less busy as possible with it. I think you want to look as good as possible at every stage of your life, but it must be yourself. I take good care of my skin and I choose a certain style. I eat healthy. I have four children, I think I should set the good example.’

What is your beauty ritual?
CB: ‘I have been using the same beauty products for fifteen years and depending on the season, a dry or humid climate, I adjust that. But sun protection is really essential.’

What makes you happy?
CB: ‘Most of all I like days that are completely open and there is nothing on the agenda. A day that I should do nothing. So we had a fantastic Christmas last year. The last one in Australia before we went back to England. We decided to spend it only with the boys, our daughter, my husband and myself. So there was nobody coming or leaving or someone to cook for. That was so relaxed. Delicious. On such a day people can come or you can decide to do something, but nothing that is already determined in advance. I do not like to have a plan.’

What lesson in life would you like to give to your children?
CB: ‘I think it’s very important that they learn not to be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable and an important part of life. From this it follows that they have to dare to take risks. Not in the sense of using drugs or recklessly driving the car on the wrong side of the road (laughs), but daring to take calculated risks.’

Which woman inspires you?
CB: ‘I have a friend who fights against cancer and I find it incredibly inspiring how she deals with it, how she tackles it and allows me to closely follow her fight. The female refugees I met are also admirable. With such a big heart and full of optimism they continue to fight and believe in their cause.’

And as an actress?
CB: ‘I look up to Sarah Bernhardt, Eleonora Duse and Pina Bausch, big women from the theatre from a time when they had to fight to get a place on the stage. And they did that by interpreting their roles in a powerful and almost magnetic way. And by playing a huge variety of roles. Very inspiring.’

What was THE role of your life?
CB: ‘Gee, I hope I did not have one yet. I already played some very nice roles, but quite recently I participated in a visual artwork in Berlin by a friend: Julian Rosefeldt, called Manifesto. It is a museum piece with 13 different screens, which was exhibited in various museums and galleries. A sort of ode on the basis of collages of different manifestos by famous artists. It was brilliant. I was very involved in that.’

And what role would you want to play in the future?
CB: ‘I never really think about that, there just has to be someone who approaches me or suggests an idea that I never thought of before.’

Cate Blanchett Dishes On Fragrance, Social Media And The Power Of Women
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Apr 3, 2018

Cate Blanchett Dishes On Fragrance, Social Media And The Power Of Women

Hey everyone!

One more promotional interview for Sì Passione by Giorgio Armani.

The latest installment of Giorgio Armani’s blockbuster fragrance is here: meet Sì Passione. The juice is a little spicier, the bottle a bit flashier, but the face, Cate Blanchett, remains the same (don’t mess with perfection, we say).

On a recent stopover in Sydney to fete the new fragrance, the Oscar-winning actress sat down with ELLE to chat about the scent, plus her excitement around Ocean’s 8

“It’s yet another extension of the Sì story that probably speaks to Mr Armani’s restlessness, like he’s never content to just make one extraordinary fragrance and he always expands it to seven more [laughs]. But just on an appealing aesthetic level, I love the bottle because it also speaks to his long love of Asian aesthetics with the beautiful red lacquer. As far as the scent, it’s an extension of the blackcurrant but what makes it really special is, I think, the pink pepper.”

“I think it’s probably Intense. I just like the way it develops on me. It’s one of those scents that during the day is really wonderful but it becomes particularly sensual in the evening.”

“When Mr Armani approached me, of course I was unbelievably flattered and daunted at the fact that he thought that I could embody all these qualities. What an incredible vote of confidence! But I was so excited by just the positive nature of having a perfume called “Yes!” and putting it on every morning as a woman. We’ve been really aware of what we’ve been saying “No” to at the moment and so it really is such a game-changer when you start to say “Yes”. Often you need to say “No” to things to work out what you want, but then saying “Yes” is just so full of opportunity.”

“I’d like to say it’s because of some sort of higher purpose but I think I’m just cognisant of how much time it would take up and how addictive it is. As an actor, and also as a human being, the idea of worrying about whether people like or dislike you 24/7 would be a death knell for me. As an actress you have to have a healthy lack of consequence, you have to not worry how something is going to be perceived because if you start to overthink, things can become so conscious. I wouldn’t know how to even start to perform – I’d get terrible, daily stage fright. And the other thing is social media is so pervasive that even if you don’t engage, you end up getting the “top trending themes” and “content” anyway without having to deeply participate in it.”

“It was extraordinary. It was really extraordinary. I’ve had it on stage when you know… a strong female contingent. But I’ve never had that strong female contingent in a film and it was just… heaven. I love them all so much, and they’re just so different in their approach. Their work is so different, but we laughed so much and there was a real camaraderie. It’s one of those things where I can’t wait for it come out, selfishly, so I can go on the press tour with them and reunite with everyone.”


Why Cate Blanchett Doesn’t Love Being Photographed
Posted on
Mar 28, 2018

Why Cate Blanchett Doesn’t Love Being Photographed

Hey everyone!

One more interview with Cate. She talked to Marie Claire Australia about the new fragrance by Giorgio Armani: Sì Passione.

Actress and Giorgio Armani ambassador, Cate Blanchett, sits down with marie claire to talk about her relationship with designer Giorgio Armani, what her favourite scent is, and why she’s taken so long to get used to being photographed.

Are you enjoying be back in Australia?

Yes, it’s not long enough, I really miss it. But we’ll come back later in the year.

As Ambassador for Giorgio Armani Si fragrances, what is it that you love most about the new Giorgio Armani Si Passione?

It’s an extension of Giorgio Armani Si’s blackberry, cascia story and I love the peppery quality of that, mixed with the pear [notes]. It’s very rich and syrupy.

What occasion do you imagine wearing this scent?

Fragrance is so personal. For this new Si Passione, people say, ”oh that’s a sensual evening scent”, which it is, but I would wear it during the day. I think that’s the wonderful thing, you can have the Si Eau de Toilette, which is lighter and then you have the same family [of scent] but you can wear it in a slightly more intense way.

What are the elements you look for in a fragrance?

I love fragrances that develop well; one that evolves on your skin as the day goes on. Si Passione absoutely does this, so I wear it a lot. It’s such a powerful thing, fragrance. And so personal. I still remember the smell of my grandmother and my mother and the smell of my suburb where I grew up.

It’s amazing isn’t it? You go straight back.

You do, it’s a real conduit, like this little rabbit hole that you fall down and you can move in parallel time. And it’s very intimate. I mean, there’s nothing more intimate than giving someone a fragrance.

What do you love about Giorgio Armani – both the brand and the designer?

Mr. Armarni was one of the first designers to bring traditionally masculine tailoring into a woman’s wardrobe. He has [always] been interested in the male silhouette but he’s also interested in the female silhouette – he designs for women in all their complexities. The Si fragrance is an expression of women in all their complexities too; Mr Armani talks about her strengths as well as her fragilities, her incredible sensuality, but also her wit and her humour. She is complex and varied.

We are definitely not one dimensional…

Yes, some days you think, ‘I’m really quite fragile today’, and the next, you’ve found your mojo again, but you’re still the same person. And those things can coexist. It’s much more an Eastern way of looking at the world; that those dualities coexist. In the West, we tend to be much more black or white and you can’t mix the two.

Do you have a signature scent that you go back to all the time? Or do you mix it up depending on your mood?

For me, the Passione is the one that I wear the most. A friend of mine made a scent which I wear occasionally but I love those deeper woody notes contained within Si. You know, I can smell firewood and leather and pepper, it’s really subterranean.

What was it like to shoot this new campaign?

I’ve worked with Tom Munro a lot. I just adore him. It’s really fantastic when you can work with someone and do such different things. It’s not like you’re repeating yourself. And I find that with my relationship with Mr. Armani, he’s constantly challenging himself, constantly uncovering new terrain. He’s intensely curious about the world; his empire includes everything from haute couture to chocolates. It’s remarkable. And I find that with Tom, depending on the mood of the fragrance, we’ve done such different things together, so I loved it. It’s just an excuse to see him really.

What was it like creating this new campaign?

Well it’s a big responsibility. To be given the responsibility of somehow embodying all these complex aspects of being female, but I can’t dwell on it too much otherwise I’d just seize up. I feel much more myself when I’m in motion so it’s taken me a long time to get used to being photographed.

Really? That’s so surprising because you are such a successful actress…

It wasn’t something I aspired to or identified with. Maybe now, with the evolution of the selfie and people constantly looking at themselves, [being photographed] is just part of being alive, but when I was growing up and I looked at the women in fashion magazines, I thought, “that’s not even that person”. It took me a while to find my way, but when you work with great photographers and you work with wonderful stylists and hair and makeup people then it becomes fun. It’s a character.

In pictures though, you’re more Cate Blanchett than when you’re playing a role…

It’s an aspect [of me]. I’ve learn that a lot with Tom, having worked with him over and over again, but it’s more [about creating] an atmosphere. I mean, fragrance is a very personal, aspirational dreaming space. So you’re trying to imbue that atmosphere.

You’ve been ambassador for Giorgio Armani since 2013. What has that experience been like?

It’s been great, being a part of the Armani family has been one of the great privileges of my life actually. Because growing up, feeling, you know, I felt that maybe I had energies and aspirations that at that time would’ve been designated masculine. I looked at the silhouettes that he was creating and I felt myself in those things. I can still be traditionally feminine but have access to that strength and confidence. With my first pay-cheque I bought an Armani suit.

Did you really?!

It was on sale. The pay-cheque wasn’t that big [laughs]. But you know, it’s been through my high school years.

So you’ve sort of gone a full circle.

Yeah, but never did I ever think I would meet him or develop a creative relationship with him. It’s a great privilege. There are very few people left in the fashion world who are as experienced and directly connected to history in the fashion industry but also continue to evolve as his does.

If you don’t mind us asking…You are known for having flawless skin. What is your skincare routine?

I realised that you had to exfoliate a few years ago so I do that a couple of time a week. But I’ve started taking these skin vitamins that have been really great. I try and drink water. And then I use a facial essence by SKII. I always use that and I always use sunscreen.

If you could finish this sentence, before I leave the house I always…

Well, I never leave the bathroom without putting fragrance on, (everything has to be done in the bathroom). But if I’m putting one beauty thing on, it would be mascara. Then I’d get into the car and realise I’ve forgotten everything else…


Cate Blanchett – Sì Passione launch in Sydney
Posted on
Mar 13, 2018

Cate Blanchett – Sì Passione launch in Sydney

Hi Blanchetters!

Earlier today, Cate attended the launch of Sì Passione by Giorgio Armani in Sydney. Here are some photos from the event. Credits and special thanks to for sharing the photos with us.

Cate Blanchett has the most enjoyable beauty advice you’ll read today
Posted on
Mar 13, 2018

Cate Blanchett has the most enjoyable beauty advice you’ll read today

Hello everyone!

Earlier today, Cate attended the Sì Passione By Giorgio Armani Launch, in Sydney, Australia. Photos will be added later on the site. For now, enjoy this new interview by Cate published on Vogue.

On a whirlwind stopover in Sydney to promote the newest Giorgio Armani fragrance, Sì Passione, Vogue sat down with homegrown, Academy Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett to talk through her most cherished fragrance memories, her best jet-lag cure, and her make-up artist’s best beauty advice.

You’ve been working with fragrance for a long time now, how is it linked to confidence for you?
“You can be away from somewhere but as soon as you smell it, whether it’s in France and it’s the lavender or in Australia, for me it’s the smell of bush fires, eucalyptus and fried meat, whatever it is, but it transports you back. It’s the wonderful thing you get so bound up in what we’re doing at the time that fragrance is a real gateway to your aspirations and your dreams and the more poetic part of your day.

So how does Sì Passione differ from the other Sì scents?
“They’ve all got the blackcurrant and the oud which I really do love. But I think it’s the pepper and the pear which is so different.”

Do you ever use fragrance to transport yourself into a role?
“I’m a bowerbird, whatever it takes to unlock a door. You don’t know what it’s going to be, whether it’s an image sometimes, or it’s a piece of music sometimes, or it’s a single word on the page, or an anecdote that someone will say to you, and sometimes it’s a fragrance.”

Best beauty advice you’ve received from a make-up artist?

“It would probably be from Mary Greenwell. She doesn’t use brushes to apply anything, it’s all about layering. It’s all about the amount of moisturisers, serums and primers, and then the foundation and she massages it into your skin so what she’s doing is she’s actually waking your face up. It’s not necessarily how much of or what the product is that she’s putting on but it’s the way it’s applied. Don’t you find, if you’ve just had sex or you’ve just had a really great massage, you could go out to dinner without a lick of make-up on and people go ‘My god, you look fabulous’ because you’re relaxed.”

What’s the most outlandish beauty treatment you’ve tried?
“I really, really love when you land somewhere and it’s usually New York or LA and you go straight to those 24 hour Korean spas and you get pummelled by those fantastic Korean women and they rub you with what feels like a Brillo pad. You feel like a slab of meat.”

Updates – Cate Blanchett for Giorgio Armani’s Sì Passione
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Feb 27, 2018

Updates – Cate Blanchett for Giorgio Armani’s Sì Passione

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