CBF Chat is here!

Hello Blanchetters!

Our chat is finally here! Every Cate Blanchett fan is welcome!

CBF Chat is being hosted on Discord platform, a free voice and text chat originally designed for gamers but that after some consideration, we thought that would be good enough for our needs. It’s free, fast and funny!
Our main purposes with this chat are to share and discuss information, photos, videos and news about Cate and to connect with another fellow fans from different countries.

Discord is available for Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS and web. You can register and join the chat in the way you want. If you have have doubts about the platform, you can read more on the Discord official page (HERE) or try the thousands of tutorials available on you tube.

We need to remind you all that CBF has NO connections with Mrs. Cate Blanchett or her staff. She WON’T be in the chat and we WON’T be able to deliver any message to her.

For general questions contact us through cateblanchettfancom@gmail.com

Once you are in the chat, don’t forget to READ the #rules-guidelines section carefully!
This step is VERY important!
Let’s be RESPECTFUL and make new friends if we want to.

Here’s the link of the #CBFChat> CBF Chat

To have full access, register and then leave a message on #cbf-wait-room section. Admins will add you as soon as possible.

See you there!

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