Borderlands reshoots and Disclaimer filming

A break from TÁR related news. Borderlands will undergo reshoots this coming week. Cate Blanchett was seen filming Disclaimer last Wednesday.


Deadline reports that “Tim Miller, in an amicable handing of the baton, will do a couple weeks worth of reshoots on Borderlands, which has taken a long time to find its way to the screen.”

One of Cate’s co-star in Borderlands, Ariana Greenblatt, has tweeted the following tweets below. She plays Tiny Tina, an explosive expert who also loves bunnies. Jamie Lee Curtis has shared some set photos when she paid tribute to Cate at Palm Springs International Film Festival.



Cate with Sacha Baron Cohen, who plays her husband, Robert Ravenscroft, on set of Alfonso Cuarón’s Disclaimer.

(Photos have been removed as per agency request)

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  1. I am a huge fan of Cate, and I can’t wait to watch Tar in cinemas, which is tomorrow at last in France.
    She is so skillful, so beautiful, so clever, so lovely, so full of humour…
    Cate the Best ever.
    All yours forever.

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