TÁR out in Japan today!

TÁR is out in Japan today! Check out new interview with Cate Blanchett and Nina Hoss where they also invite Japanese audience to watch TÁR in cinemas. Cate won Best International Actress at the Irish Film and Television Academy Award held last Sunday.


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  1. Today May 14th I would like to wish Cate Blanchett a very happy birthday and a very nice day full of gifts.
    I wish her to be very happy professionally but also in her private life.
    I hope that she will continue to make us dream for a long time to come with such dazzling roles and such a masterful interpretation as that of Lydia Tar.
    I find it remarkable that after her probable disappointment at the Oscars, she has found the strength, courage and wisdom to bounce back by getting involved with UNICEF again.
    I now look forward to seeing ‘the new boy’ on screen, and falling under the spell of her character once again.
    Happy birthday to CB again!

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