Happy Cate Blanchett Day!

Happy birthday, Cate Blanchett!

In keeping with our annual tradition and as our way of celebrating Cate’s birthday, the Cate Blanchett Fan team has another major gallery update. We added photos and updated some of them in higher resolution. Most of the behind the scenes photos from Cate’s on-screen projects were shared by her make-up artist, Morag Ross, and costumer, Rory Powers. We would like to thank mostly_cate for sharing some rare magazine scans, and Cate Blanchett China for some behind the scenes from Blue Jasmine. SAG-AFTRA has released an almost 2-hour conversation with Cate back in 2003 from their archive.

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Enjoy the update and Cate’s birthday.









3 Comments on “Happy Cate Blanchett Day!”

  1. Today May 14th I would like to wish Cate Blanchett a very happy birthday and a very nice day full of gifts.
    I wish her to be very happy professionally but also in her private life.
    I hope that she will continue to make us dream for a long time to come with such dazzling roles and such a masterful interpretation as that of Lydia Tar.
    I find it remarkable that after her probable disappointment at the Oscars, she has found the strength, courage and wisdom to bounce back by getting involved with UNICEF again.
    I now look forward to seeing ‘the new boy’ on screen, and falling under the spell of her character once again.
    Happy birthday to Cate Blanchett again!

  2. She is absolutely marvelous in Cinderella! Probably the best acting I have ever witnessed. It takes a lot to convince me of a actress to play a certain person and to believe that who she is portraying is truly that person and as the evil step mother in Cinderella she was brilliant! Simply perfection!

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