Cate Blanchett at Sophie’s Choice 40th Anniversary Screening; & Upcoming Appearances

Upcoming appearances this month! Cate Blanchett will be at The Graham Norton Show on 23 February, 22:40 GMT on BBC One, to promote Warwick Thornton’s THE NEW BOY which will be out in cinemas in the UK and Ireland on 15 March. Prior to this, she will be in Australia for the AACTA Festival (9 February – Meet the Creators Panel) and awards ceremony (10 February).

Cate attended the special screening of Sophie’s Choice, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, celebrating its 40th anniversary since the film was released.

“It feels weird to party after Sophie’s Choice,” one attendee said to another as they touched up their makeup at New York City’s Baccarat Hotel on Tuesday night. Following an emotional screening at the Museum of Modern Art, both women admitted that while they’d heard of the expression born from the title of the film, they’d never before watched the movie itself—which earned Meryl Streep her second Oscar in 1983.

That was a common experience among those who turned out for the event. It was perhaps overdue, then, that more than 40 years after Alan J. Pakula’s screen adaptation of William Styron’s seminal novel, Streep reunited with costars Kevin Kline and Peter MacNicol to honor the project in a screening presented by Lanvin.

“We’re the only ones still standing that made this film,” Streep said in her brief remarks before an intimate crowd that included Claire Danes, And Just Like That…’s Sarita Choudhury, and Streep’s youngest daughter, The Gilded Age’s Louisa Jacobson, as well as Ethan Hawke—who arrived with and stuck close to pals Cate Blanchett and Gina Gershon, sitting seats away from his ex-wife, Uma Thurman. “There are a few still here,” Streep continued: “My hair and makeup man, J. Roy Helland, and I believe my wardrobe woman, the great Alba Censoplano. But the visionaries who birthed Sophie’s Choice are not. The great-hearted William Styron, the beautiful soul that was Alan Pakula, and the master of light, [cinematographer] Néstor Almendros.”

After the screening, Streep held court with a steady stream of well-wishers, including filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, with whom she has made multiple films. At another table, Hawke and Blanchett’s conversation drifted to The Zone of Interest—a testament to the connections to be made between films with decades separating them.

Sophie’s Choice Special Screening
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