Ocean’s 8 – Press Junket, Promotional, Still, BTS and Soundtrack

Hello Blanchetters!
As we are posting the cast of Ocean’s 8 is recording the UK Press Junket, are you ready for the London premiere? To warm you up check the most recent promotional material. Enjoy!
Press Junket


New Team. New Con. Game On #OCEANS8

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Having this much fun is a crime. This weekend, #TakeYour8 to #Oceans8! #movies

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Keep your eye on the prize. #Oceans8 – In theaters TOMORROW! Tickets: link on page

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New still and another one replaced in HQ, and six new bts Source and Source 2


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  1. Oceans 8 is one cool movie– funny, and the ending is super special. All the women were outstanding, but Lou was special. Thanks Cate. Made my 85th birthday special.

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