Hosting Renewal Donation Drive

Hello, everyone!

As you know, we to need renew hosting and domain annually. The deadline for hosting renewal is 1 month from now and so far we’ve gathered about US$ 76 (without discounting the PayPal fees).

You can check below the previous mass updates that we have done over the years. We really need your help to keep the site alive and if we can’t make the deadline, we’ll have to close the site for good.

We understand times are tough, but that’s the only way to keep the site online. You can use the buttons below or the ones in the sidebar. Any help is appreciated.


Or using QR Code:

You can click each images to view previous mass updates:

April 2017 update

August 2017 update

September 2017 update

December 2017 update

May 2018 update

August 2018 update

December 2018 update

May 2019 update

May 2020 update

May 2021 update

May 2022 update