A Podcast of One’s Own with Julia Gillard featuring guest Cate Blanchett
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May 28, 2020

A Podcast of One’s Own with Julia Gillard featuring guest Cate Blanchett

Hi blanchetters!

Some more news!

Cate Blanchett is the latest guest on Julia Gillard’s A Podcast of One’s Own.
See more infos on this episode and listen to it below!

Cate Blanchett on women in film

Julia talks to two-time Academy Award winning actor Cate Blanchett about telling women’s stories through film, the importance of diversity in creating compelling and surprising art, and her decision to play staunch anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly in new TV series, Mrs. America, which tells the real-life story of the fight to pass the US Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s. They also discuss Hollywood post-Me Too and the staggering gender pay gap that continues to exist in the film industry.

*****Listen to it below

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Cate Blanchett series ‘Stateless’ Premieres July 8 on Netflix
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May 28, 2020

Cate Blanchett series ‘Stateless’ Premieres July 8 on Netflix

Hi everyone!

Six-Episode Limited Series “Stateless” is coming to Netflix July 08.
Time to see Pat Masters (Cate Blanchett) again!

Netflix acquired Stateless in February ahead of its original premiere in Australia in March.

The streaming service released the first look photos yesterday.

Picture, if you will, coming into contact with a predatory cult — and being recruited by cult leaders who look just like Cate Blanchett and Dominic West! That’s only one subplot of this Australian mini-series — whose creators include Blanchett and the producer Tony Ayres (“The Slap”) — about desperate lives intersecting at a bleak detention camp for immigrants. The cast is an Australian all-star team that includes Marta Dusseldorp (“A Place to Call Home”), Asher Keddie (“Offspring”) and, in the central role of the cult victim, Yvonne Strahovski (“The Handmaid’s Tale”). (July 8)


Mrs. America gets a trailer and release date
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Jan 10, 2020

Mrs. America gets a trailer and release date

Mrs. America is set to be released on Hulu on April 15.

Here is the synopsis:

Mrs. America recounts the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and the unexpected backlash led by Phyllis Schlafly, aka “the sweetheart of the silent majority.” Through the eyes of the women of the era, the FX series explores how one of the toughest battlegrounds in the culture wars of the 70s helped give rise to the Moral Majority and forever shifted the political landscape.

And the trailer:

Cate Blanchett at The Fashion Awards 2019
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Dec 5, 2019

Cate Blanchett at The Fashion Awards 2019

Hi blanchetters!

Last Monday, actress Cate Blanchett was at The British Fashion Awards 2019 in London. She and Julia Roberts, among other famous guests like Tom Cruise, Naomi Campbell, attended the event where Giorgio Armani was honored with the Outstanding Achievement Award.

Looking stunning in an Armani Privé dress from the Fall 2019 Collection, Cate, who is the first global beauty ambassador for the Italian brand, took the stage to celebrate the relationship with the 85-year-old designer alongside Roberts.

The award is a recognition of Mr. Armani 45 remarkable years in fashion, with many iconic tailored suits and gowns for Hollywood.

Cate has a long partnership with Mr. Armani, in fact, according to some interviews, her first paycheck went to a suit she still has! Over the years Cate has been seen in many fashion pieces from the designer, they also collaborated in film, during the Sydney Theatre Company years, and, since 2013, Cate became the face of the successful fragrance Sì.

Mr. Armani also designed the gown Cate was wearing when she became a two-time Oscar winner in 2014.

Discover below some photos and videos from Cate Blanchett at The Fashion Awards 2019. Enjoy the reading!

Cate Blanchett and Armani at the stage of The Fashion Awards 2019




Site News + Bernadette Promotion
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Jul 24, 2019

Site News + Bernadette Promotion

Hello dear Blanchetters!

This post is hard to write.
As some of you may have noticed we have been silent for a long time, or late to make posts and to keep the site updated to our usual standard. Few months ago the oldest members of the team realized that their lives made impossible for them to keep the site open any longer, so they decided to look up for new collaborators to help them out.
The transition process was not promising and nearing Cate’s 50th birthday the team decided to put the site on sale setting a deadline for end of August, when the servers hosting the site and the gallery expire, and then to close the site for good, if nobody had stepped up.
We would like to remind you all that this site is fan made, built with our own money (and the ones kindly donated), using our skills and our free time, pushed by endless passion. We have no affiliation with Mrs. Blanchett and her managment, we just admire her (a lot).
We decided to post as much as we had from our personal archives before the site closes but we can’t make it: we can’t even prepare the Vault posts on social media or moderate the chat we created to bring fans together, we don’t have available time.
Our hard called decision about the site made us really sad: it’s like a children to us and we have spent years collecting material and making it available to the public at large, for free (you can check all the social media around: most pages dedicated to Cate Blanchett won’t be here today without our work and we don’t even ask for credit).
We received an offer for the site, but with one condition: to dismember the team behind it. We declined.
But that moment made us realize that we are not ready to step down, for three reasons: we received a legacy from another fansite, we are the best at doing this and we love it. So the site will stay open, but one thing remain: the yearly servers deadline. If we can’t find the money to pay for them the site will close on August 22nd.
So, here we are, asking for donations. You can click on the yellow button “Donate” on the right sidebar of the homepage, after site info, and ask any further question contacting the team by clicking on “Contact page” in same sidebar, in the site info space.
We are gonna keep up as we can, we all our love
Annie, MLS and Nelly

Faithfull to our commitment, let’s talk about Cate!

Where’d You Go Bernadette is opening in less than a month, and we have a big update to make. A series of short clips and the first featurette have been posted recently, plus new stills, an interview with Cate and more news.

First thing first: group sales are available on the official site. For more infos click here.

The New York Times will host a screening followed by a public talk with director Richard Linklater on August 12. More infos here

The Austin Film Society will held a special screening of the movie on August 15. The director will be there. More infos here

The movie soundtrack has released, here’s the album track list:

1. Welcome to Antarctica (2:43)
2. Seattle (2:20)
3. Sleeping (0:56)
4. Blackberry Abatement Specialist (1:11)
5. Mudslide Aftermath (1:26)
6. Medicine Cabinet (0:37)
7. 18 Miracles (3:15)
8. Ice Cream Rescue (1:14)
9. Invisible Cosmic Rays (1:05)
10. Jingle Bells (2:21)
11. Gone (2:38)
12. Home From School (1:01)
13. I’m Talking To You, Aren’t I? (1:03)
14. Why Do You Always Set It So High? (1:30)
15. Storm Tossed (1:50)
16. I’m a Ghost (1:09)
17. Dad, I’ve Made a Decision (1:15)
18. Crochet and Icebergs (2:21)
19. Welcome to Port Lockroy (2:12)
20. Palmer Station (2:02)
21. You Can Go (3:38)
22. Where’d You Go, Bernadette (2:19)


A series of international posters

New still!


A series of clips and the first featurette! The official social media account are quite active. I suggest you to follow them!

The first press junket interview and a new still in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. Enjoy!

Closing with the updated release dates for some coutries from IMDB:
Release Dates
Poland 16 August 2019
USA 16 August 2019
Argentina 29 August 2019 (Argentina)
Netherlands 29 August 2019
Portugal 29 August 2019
Indonesia 30 August 2019
Russia 5 September 2019
Mexico 4 October 2019
Italy 10 October 2019
Sweden 11 October 2019
Australia 24 October 2019
Brazil 14 November 2019
Germany 12 December 2019

UPDATES: News on Mrs. America and Stateless series starring Cate Blanchett
Posted on
May 19, 2019

UPDATES: News on Mrs. America and Stateless series starring Cate Blanchett

Hey Blanchetters!

Things are pretty quiet in Cateland right?
But we had quite the week with Cate’s 50th birthday. So many beautiful messages and actions from the fans!

During the past few weeks some news became available on the two new series projects Cate is attached to.
Firstly, we have the CBS / FX Network mini series Mrs. America where Cate will play Phyllis Schlafly, the conservative woman who helped defeat the Equal Rights Amendment initiative that would guarantee the equal rights of women (USA).

Blanchett is also in executive production of this limited series and she will be joined by stars James Marsden, Sarah Paulson, Uzo Aduba (as Shirley Chisholm), Rose Byrne (as Gloria Steinem), Margo Matindale (as Bella Abzug), Tracey Ullman (as Betty Friedan), Kayli Carter, Ari Graynor, Melanie Lynskey, John Slattery and Jeanne Tripplehorn.

“I am extremely excited about delving into the material as there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to peel back the layers of this recent period of history, which couldn’t be more relevant today,” Blanchett said in a statement.

Created by Dahvi Waller, the series has a nine-episode arc and the production is set to start this year, with filming from 19th June until November 1st in Toronto, Canada.

Cate will have a busy second semester! She is also going to produce an Australian TV Series.

Stateless is a new TV series about immigration detention in Australia co-created by Cate Blanchett, Tony Ayres and Elise McCredie. Cate will star in the series and, alongside with Andrew Upton, will also act as executive producer of this Australian Broadcasting Corporation limited series.

McCredie and Belinda Chayko are writing the series that will be directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse (The Dressmaker) and Emma Freedman.

Blanchett said while the story was focused on Australia, it explored global themes: “The desire for personal freedom, the need for social stability, an escalating lack of faith in the political process and the deeply unsettling impact this has on individual lives.”

The cast also includes Yvonne Strahovski (The Handmaid’s Tale), Dominic West (The Affair), Rachel House, Jai Courtney, Clarence Ryan, Fayssal Bazzi, Claude Jabbour, Rose Riley, Kate Box, Helana Sawires and Asher Keddie.

Inspired by real events, Stateless tells the story of four strangers in an Australian immigration centre: an airline hostess leaving a cult, an Afghan refugee escaping persecution, a father saddled with a dead-end job, and a bureaucrat steeped in a national scandal.

Stateless is expected to air on the ABC in 2020 , it will be distributed worldwide by NBCUniversal. Production is set to begin in June.

Stay tuned!!!

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Happy 50th Birthday Cate!
Posted on
May 14, 2019

Happy 50th Birthday Cate!

Hello Blanchetters!

Today is the day: Cate Blanchett’s 50th birthday!
We would like to share our heartfelt wishes to out favourite actress, a model in many artistic fields, a paladin to noble causes and an environmental supporter.

In the spirit of this fansite, maintened by fans for fans, we have decided to published our remain unshared contents, realizing a series of mass posts every few weeks, to continue the celebration of such an important milestone.

And as a special gift to celebrate Cate’s birthday we have found out the first movie she ever did: Police Rescue (1994). You can watch below a clip with Cate’s scenes.

We are also launching our newsletter today. You can join by adding your email to the form (sidebar).

We also would would like to announce that CBF Team is now growing with 3 new members based on Australasia!
That said, we ask for your support, the respect of this work, and, if you want, donations to help the site.

To Mrs. Blanchett, once again, our deepest and most sincere Happy Birthday!!

Public Events (2000-2013): almost all the MQ pictures in the gallery have been replaced with HQ pictures (clear the cache to see them). 24 new events added to the gallery plus over 2500 addictional pictures to previous albums. Enjoy!

Cate Blanchett covers Mujer Hoy Spain + Ellen von Unwerth’s VON magazine
Posted on
Apr 27, 2019

Cate Blanchett covers Mujer Hoy Spain + Ellen von Unwerth’s VON magazine

Hey Blanchetters!

Two more covers to be added to our 2019 collection! Cate Blanchett is featured in two new magazines. First, we have the latest issue of Mujer Hoy in which there is a promotional interview for Sì Fiori and Armani Beauty. Then the long waited photoshoot by Ellen von Unwerth made last year during Cannes Film Festival that will be featured on the n°2-2 of Ellen von Unwerth’s VON magazine, the cinema issue, available in May. Take a look!

Cate Blanchett: “Este es un momento decisivo y fascinante para todas”

Las mujeres no pueden dejar de mirarla. Lo tenemos comprobado. El famoso vídeo viral en el que la actriz Kathryn Hahn observa embelesada a Rachel Weisz se queda corto ante el efecto Cate Blanchett. La primera vez que observamos el fenómeno en Mujerhoy fue hace casi una década. A las puertas de una fiesta de gala en Ginebra, Cate conversaba con unos amigos, magnífica y etérea. Todas las mujeres que pasaban a su lado la recorrían de arriba abajo con la mirada. No eran celos, era admiración en estado puro. Los hombres, sin embargo, no se sentían impelidos a mirar.

Las pruebas irrefutables nos las ofreció la prensa internacional en Londres hace apenas unas semanas. Fue en la cena de presentación oficial de Sì Fiori, el nuevo perfume de Giorgio Armani del que, por supuesto, es musa. A los postres, la actriz se sentó unos minutos en cada una de las mesas para charlar con los invitados, una mayoría abrumadora de mujeres. A su alrededor se formaba un corro de rostros absortos, miradas de fascinación, algunas bocas abiertas y gestos de asentimiento absoluto. “Todavía tengo dos horas de coche hasta mi casa en el campo. Estoy encantada con mi jardín, está inspirado en el trabajo de Darwin”, era el tipo de cosas mundanas que relataba Cate. Y la audiencia asentía entregada, como si le escucharan recitar Shakespeare solo para ellas.

Cálida y cercana
Nadie es inmune al hechizo de Blanchett. En las distancias cortas es imposible no dejarte llevar por ese timbre cadencioso, por esa presencia imponente y serena. De sus respuestas educadas se puede inferir que su familia está por encima de todo; que su concepto de la belleza va más allá de aplicarse cremas; que el cuidado del interior es lo que se muestra en el exterior (un mantra que lleva a rajatabla); que, como a los hobbits de la Comarca, un paseo por los alrededores de su casa en la compañía adecuada es una experiencia tan plena como cualquier viaje a un destino lejano. “Es mi idea de un día perfecto: salir al campo con los niños y los perros, y que la jornada termine de una forma inesperada y sorprendente que no habrías imaginado al despertar”, asegura. La normalidad hecha perfección rural.

Cate y su marido, el dramaturgo Andrew Upton, se trasladaron a vivir a la campiña inglesa de Sussex hace un par de años. Con ellos vinieron sus tres hijos adolescentes (Dashiell, 17; Roman, 15; e Ignatius, 11) y su hija adoptada de cuatro años, Edith. Un cambio de registro tras casi una década asentados en Sidney que le ha permitido volver al West End de Londres con obras como When we have sufficiently tortured each other, de Martin Crimp. Un contrapunto crudo y transgresor al extensísimo repertorio de una actriz que, como le dijo una vez su hermana Genevieve, se funde con cada personaje hasta que ella misma desaparece completamente de la escena. Y solo quedan reinas legendarias, elfas mitológicas, diosas escandinavas, amas de casa en crisis moral, sexual y social, damas de alta sociedad venidas a menos…

Mujeres al poder
Ella, que las ha interpretado a todas (y se ha hecho con dos premios Óscar por el camino), entiende que las mujeres están ahora en una encrucijada. “Es un momento decisivo y potencialmente fascinante para todas. Estamos en el proceso de convertirnos en algo. Pero no solo nosotras, creo que tenemos que llevar a los hombres a nuestro lado. Lo realmente apasionante de este preciso momento de la historia es que se ha escuchado a las mujeres. Pero no como individuos concretos, sino como grupo. Lo que estamos aceptando es que somos seres humanos increíbles”. Lo dice con la sabiduría de los 50 años que cumple el 14 de mayo.

Justo ahora, Cate se convierte en la nueva imagen global de Giorgio Armani Beauty. Eso significa que, además de encarnar a la heroína optimista, elegante y todopoderosa de la familia de fragancias Sì, también va a ser embajadora del maquillaje y del tratamiento de la firma que pilota el creador italiano. “El último de los grandes de la moda, ahora que hemos perdido a Karl Lagerfeld”, apunta

Sabe que el cine del que es estrella indiscutible ha ayudado al genio a definir un nuevo tipo de feminidad. “Su estética me influyó mucho antes de conocerlo”. Lo dice porque el diseñador fue la piedra angular de su armario con un traje de chaqueta gris que se compró con su primer sueldo cienematográfico. Todavía lo conserva. “Trabajar con el señor Armani ha sido uno de los grandes privilegios de mi vida”, afirma. “Lo que adoro de cómo ve el mundo es que no pierde jamás la curiosidad. No es una presencia creativa estática”, añade.

En la moda y también en los aromas: “A través del perfume que llevas estás invitando a los demás a descubrir tu particular mundo emocional. Es algo muy privado”, postula. Y esas sensaciones la devuelven a la infancia. “De niña me escondía en el armario de mi madre para pensar a oscuras. Su ropa emanaba esa fragancia tan suya. Era peculiar y muy glamourosa. Porque, por supuesto, cuando somos niñas, nuestras madres son siempre las mujeres más elegantes de nuestra existencia”. Una distinción que siempre ha marcado con unos labios rojos. Hasta ahora. “Es curioso, porque solía ser mi esencial de todos los días. Es un tono que claramente te sitúa en el mundo y que dice: “Aquí estoy yo”. Pero ahora apenas lo uso. Quizá en una alfombra roja. Pero soy mucho más de nudes rosas”, concluye.


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News on Where’d You Go Bernadette
Posted on
Apr 19, 2019

News on Where’d You Go Bernadette

Hello Blanchetters!

Four months till the release of Where’d You Go Bernadette, and it’s already been a life time. Based on the book by Maria Semple and shoot in Seattle two summers ago (yes, you read well), the feature film is going to open this August in the US. But not on August 9, as the release date has been pushed on to August 16.

To raise our hopes, a brand new still has been released yesterday. Have faith!

According to IMDb these might be the release dates outside the US (to be updated):

Argentina 8 August 2019
Mexico 9 August 2019
Hungary 15 August 2019
USA 16 August 2019
Netherlands 29 August 2019
Portugal 29 August 2019
Italy 10 October 2019

Sources: The Stage, USA Today