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Cate Blanchett brings NDIS character to life #Nadia

Cate Blanchett brings NDIS character to life #Nadia

Hello everyone! Cate has joined a new project*!

Cate Blanchett has given her voice to play an online character who will give people information about the national disability insurance scheme.

Oscar winning actress Cate Blanchett has injected some Hollywood stardom into the national disability insurance scheme.

Blanchett has taken on the voice role of Nadia, an online virtual assistant who can speak, write and chat online while answering common questions about the NDIS

“I have disability very close to me in my family,” Blanchett said in a promotional video, when asked why she took on the role.

The avatar character has been co-designed with people with disabilities.

Nadia already understands thousands of questions and her knowledge bank will grow with more interactions.

Nadia will start on a trial basis on the NDIS’s participant portal website in coming months and it’s expected to take 12 months before she’s fully operational.

via SBS

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A Rose for a Rose: Cate Blanchett on Saying “Si” to Life

Hello everyone! New promotional article and image for Sì Rose Signature on Vanity Fair. Enjoy!

A new scent from Giorgio Armani, Si Rose Signature, conjures up more than just feeling for Cate Blanchett

There she goes again, on Broadway that is, making her grand presence known in the currently running play The Present. A longtime lover of Chekhov’s work, Cate Blanchett now stars in her husband Andrew Upton’s adaption of the little-known story. The Present is playing at the Barrymore Theatre and has, since January, grossed well over a million dollars, according to The New York Times—an especially high number for a non-musical!

Blanchett plays 40-year-old widow Anna Petrovna, who celebrates her birthday with friends and family, leading up to what is perhaps not the happiest of party endings. However, what’s most polarizing about the play is Blanchett’s commanding performance—her presence fully captivating you to the very end.

Similarly, it’s her drive, femininity, and passion that make her the obvious face and muse of Si Rose Signature by Giorgio Armani, which debuted earlier this month. Infused with the most famous roses in perfumery—Rose de Mai, which is the central appeal to this new edition, and rose turque—the fragrance is an array of exotic floral notes along with sensual and velvety accords. “The Turkish rose, which has a hint of orange in it, and the more-green rose in this iteration are just beautiful,” says Blanchett. A beautiful actress and a beautiful scent… now that will hold our attention!

via Vanity Fair

Broadway’s The Present, Starring Oscar Winner Cate Blanchett, Launches Digital Lottery

Broadway’s The Present, Starring Oscar Winner Cate Blanchett, Launches Digital Lottery

Hi everybody! Some news about The Present!

The Sydney Theatre Company production of The Present, which plays Broadway’s Barrymore Theatre, has announced a digital lottery that begins February 15. The lottery is powered by Shubert Ticketing through the Telecharge Digital Lottery platform, which provides theatregoers access to affordable tickets through multiple social networks. To enter the lottery, visit

Andrew Upton’s new adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s first play, Platonov, The Present is directed by John Crowley and stars Cate Blanchett and Richard Roxburgh. The limited engagement continues through March 19 at the Barrymore (243 West 47th Street).

The cast features the Sydney Theatre Company cast of 13, all making their Broadway debuts, including Blanchett (Anna) and Roxburgh (Mikhail), as well as Anna Bamford (Maria), Andrew Buchanan (Osip), David Downer (Yegor), Eamon Farren (Kirill), Martin Jacobs (Alexei), Brandon McClelland (Dimitri), Jacqueline McKenzie (Sophia), Marshall Napier (Ivan), Susan Prior (Sasha), Chris Ryan (Sergei), and Toby Schmitz (Nikolai).

The Present is produced on Broadway by Stuart Thompson, Sydney Theatre Company, Jon B. Platt, Scott M. Delman, Ruth Hendel, The Shubert Organization, Robert G. Bartner, John Gore, and Jimter Productions LLC.

via The Playbill

RED – New still featuring #CateBlanchett

RED – New still featuring #CateBlanchett

A new still for RED, a Del Kathryn Barton short film, now open at the Art Gallery of South Australia as part of the Adelaide Festival.

Cate Blanchett in Red by Del Kathryn Barton

via Art Gallery of South Australia

Thor: Ragnarok Concept Art Offers Best Look Yet at Cate Blanchett’s Hela

Hi everyone!

Thanks to the “Marvel Studios Phase 3” special feature, which is included in the Digital HD/Blu-ray release of Doctor Strange, a new concept art image featuring Cate Blanchett as Hela has been released. Enjoy!

Cate Blanchett as Hela in Thor Ragnarok

via Comic Book

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New photo of Cate Blanchett for Vogue Magazine #TheRow

New photo of Cate Blanchett for Vogue Magazine #TheRow

Cate Blanchett appears wearing The Row, the brand owned by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, in a new photoshoot for Vogue Magazine. See the article and the photo by Annie Leibovitz below.

Cate Blanchett wearing The Row - Vogue Magazine

15 Iconic Female Designers on Where Fashion—and the World—Are Going

One feels luxuriously dressed in a calm, pure, and minimal way,” says Cate Blanchett, serene and soigné in a cashmere blanket coat from the label she’s lauding: The Row. Like Blanchett herself, The Row is synonymous with quality and a kind of independent synergy. Of course, she’s hardly the only fan: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s customers are helping the eleven-year-old label claim the mantle of the wardrobe of our time in the same way that Donna Karan defined New York women’s essentials in the nineties.
Behind their international success, Mary-Kate and Ashley have always worked privately and mindfully, showing beautiful clothes their way, sans spectacle. In fact, they loathe fuss. But how did two former child stars—who just turned 30 this past June—become such connoisseurs of so many different women’s wardrobes? The twins are as succinct in their response as they are in their designs: “Continuity,” says Mary-Kate. “We are a trustworthy brand that really sells exactly what we say we’re selling.” Adds Ashley: “The only people we feel we need to answer to are our clients.”
They attribute their perfectionist resolve to having been given a voice at a very young age and having sat in many meetings with heads of the entertainment and finance industries, allowing both of them to hone their ability to decipher “the good influences versus the bad influences,” as Ashley puts it, while staying focused. “We own our brand. We don’t get pushed in any direction.”
With the exception of a few Italian knits, they manufacture all of their ready-to-wear in the United States. “That means a lot,” Mary-Kate says. “We’ve created at least 80 jobs.” Their elegant designs, by their very nature, challenge fast fashion.
As it turns out, the Olsens were ahead of their time in more than just style. In their April 2001 issue of Mary-Kate and Ashley magazine, they predicted Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign as part of a feature devoted to the question “When will we get our first female president, and who might it be?” Sixteen years later, their designs defy age and—even though they have just launched menswear—gender. “It’s more about respecting one another, whether you’re a female or a male or whatever,” says Mary-Kate. With the Women’s March on Washington then around the corner, she adds, “Women are not the only ones that feel this way—a lot of people feel it. The atmosphere around the entire globe is very interesting right now.”
“What’s going to happen tomorrow? Collectively, I feel everyone is asking that,” says Ashley, who’s made a positive attitude her goal of the year. “What we’ve built so far is pretty incredible. I would like to push that further—but also to be a little lighter on ourselves.”—Emma Elwick-Bates

via Vogue Magazine

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Broadway Review Featuring Cate Blanchett and Jason Hayes To Benefit Newtown Action Alliance

Broadway Review Featuring Cate Blanchett and Jason Hayes To Benefit Newtown Action Alliance

Oscar Award winning actress Cate Blanchett from “The Present”® Broadway Drama will be joined by Jason Hayes, her hair & makeup department head and the organizer of DisarmHate Rally and others for an evening of unforgettable performance to benefit the Newtown Action Alliance.

February 20, 8-10PM
The Stonewall Inn,
53 Christopher Street NY

For more information and tickets >> Newtown Action Alliance

Sì Rose Signature, Limited Edition 2017, with Cate Blanchett ( Commercial + Ad ) #Armani

Hey everyone!

The first commercial for Giorgio Armani perfume, Sì Rose Signature, with Cate Blanchett is out! Also an hq ad from the campaign was added to our gallery. Enjoy!

Cate Blanchett Sì Rose Signature Limited Edition EDP 2017 Armani

Cate Blanchett Sì Rose Signature Limited Edition EDP 2017 Armani

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RED – New stills and first reviews

RED – New stills and first reviews

Good morning!

RED opened yesterday at the Art Gallery of South Australia, as part of 2017 Adelaide Festival, until April 30th; in June it’s set to open in New York. Here are the first reviews, one interview with director Del Kathryn Barton and two new images. Enjoy!

Cate Blanchett is ‘fierce, sexy and scary’ as redback spider in Del Kathryn Barton’s ‘genre-busting’ RED

RED, a surreal, savage tale of female power, is the creation of Archibald Prize winner and now filmmaker Del Kathryn Barton.

Set against a backdrop of intense, pulsating music, the short film stars Cate Blanchett, who re-enacts the spider’s deadly mating ritual, alongside actor Alex Russell and Sydney Dance Company’s Charmene Yap.

Ms Barton said she wanted the film to be “an intensely visceral experience with a lot of intense emotionality that on one level has that core narrative, but can move and shake and be open to interpretation.”
Cate Blanchett’s ‘immense power on set’

Three years in the making, the 15-minute film intercuts human protagonists with close-up footage of the redback mating and then savaging its prey.

The work started as a small studio-based project, but evolved into something much bigger after a funding boost which helped secure a Hollywood star.

“I put my wish list together, I thought who would be the ultimate actor for the role of mother and it was you know of course a no-brainer — Cate Blanchett has immense power in so many ways,” Ms Barton says.

“With someone like Cate Blanchett I was really actually determined to under-direct her.
“You give her the hooks and honestly what she gave to the performances that day, I could have never have asked that of her, she was incredibly generous in that way.”

via ABC Australia

Sex, death and del kathryn barton
A two-time Archibald prizewinner, del kathryn barton continues her fascination with the complex psychology of relationships, sex and fertility in her work RED (now at the Art Gallery of South Australia). This transition into film is as energetic, tumultuous, detailed and beautifully unsettling as her figurative paintings. Perhaps more so.

RED was three years in the making and it’s hard not to marvel at the coincidence of its premiere this week, when female power and outrage has reverberated across the world. RED is a slick and strident feminist work. Although it was not made with deliberate political intent, it has the potential to resonate loud and unapologetic, like a lightening rod for our times.

RED celebrates female creative energy, reaching back to the primordial, evolutionary origins of procreation. Starting out as a modest short piece, it was developed with additional support from the Australian Film, Television and Radio School and the Art Gallery of South Australia.

barton draws on the natural sciences to advance her exploration of the complex psychology of relationships. With RED, she examines mating rituals and the imperative to reproduce as evidenced in redback spiders.

RED is produced and crewed by some of the leaders in Australian film and theatre. Cate Blanchett stars as the protagonist, The Mother.

Choosing to structure the sequence as a set of narrative beats, rather than a traditional script, barton overlays the visuals with a tense and thumping soundtrack. These deep beats pulse through the sequence of jump cuts from intensive macro shots of spiders to the Mother and other human characterisations.

The Mother is at first still and brooding, crouched on a board table floating in a heaving sea, her features stark but for a totemic gash of red lipstick. She wears a classic tuxedo suit, contained and androgynous. And that’s when you notice the scissors.

Those bass beats drum out her fever as she slashes, stabs and sheers through the suit, tearing the fabric from her legs, crotch and torso to reveal a very taut female form beneath, encased in nets. She keeps her patent red shoes on.

Here, as in all her roles, Blanchett totally disappears into her character of the untamed Mother in heat; contorted, sweating and furious with the fundamental compulsion to mate. Pulsing with longing and demand, she signals to her mate with a commanding howl that would have blown Whitman’s “barbaric yawp” out of the water. She is unleashed.

Interspersed between shots of the actors are close ups of redback spiders in the act. The species is known for sexual cannibalism. In most cases, the female begins to eat her mate during or just after copulation. At some point in their evolution, this strategy was found to improve the chances of fertilisation and ensure the survival of the mother and offspring.

The climax is the pinnacle of the male’s existence. If he is selected by the female, he has one shot and that’s it. He has fulfilled his end of the deal and has no future role in parenting. Instead, he volunteers himself as a resource to be consumed by the female for the benefit of the next generation.

Blanchett’s recent work Manifesto (2015-2017) is an interesting contrast to RED: one intellectual and scholarly in its content, the other wild, unscripted and unbound.

Female creative power is an undeniable and vital force of nature. As such it is usually misunderstood, traditionally feared and difficult to restrain. Like barton’s RED, however, it demands respect and deserves to be celebrated.

via The Conversation

The interview with Del Kathryn Barton

via Audioboom

New Interview with Cate Blanchett for The Stage

New Interview with Cate Blanchett for The Stage

Hi everyone!

Kip Williams, Andrew Upton and Cate Blanchett talked to Mark Shenton, from The Stage, about The Present and the future of the Sydney Theatre Company. You can read some passages from Cate Blanchett below. Enjoy!

It is 10am on the morning after the Broadway premiere of the 2016 Sydney Theatre Company production of The Present, a modern adaptation of Chekhov’s Platonov, written by Andrew Upton and starring his wife Cate Blanchett, when they sweep into a bookshop-cum-coffee shop in midtown Manhattan to meet me. Blanchett has already taken her son to school; and after we meet, a car collects her to take her off for a day’s filming on Ocean’s Eight, a spin-off of the Ocean’s trilogy due for release this summer.

So why has it taken until now to get to Broadway?

Upton answers: “You can’t run the company and make such a long-term commitment as Broadway needs outside of the country; you can’t even make a long-term commitment out of the state [New South Wales]. The company does 16 shows a year in four houses. So there’s a lot going on, and as artistic director, you have to be on top of that. But now that we’re free agents again, we can do it.”

Blanchett adds: “I think a lot of people underestimate the complexity of the role from afar – there’s the physical scale of the company, but also the breadth of the work.”

She was a big part of the company’s own international reach. “International touring became a big thing for us. We were so proud of what was happening at Sydney Theatre Company that we wanted to get it out, and one of the most obvious ways was for me to be a part of that. So I ended up touring quite a lot.”

But she bowed out of the running of the company in 2013, leaving Upton solely in charge. “There were things that Andrew still wanted to motor through and the company wanted him to motor through,” she explains, before he picks up the theme.

When Williams returns to Sydney, he will direct Upton’s new version of Three Sisters next. “I only just realised you’ll be gone,” says Blanchett to her husband. “I went to plan the family calendar the other day, and our assistant said Andrew’s going back to Sydney to do it – I’m the last person to find out what is going on.” […]

To read full interview visit The Stage in this link. It’s free to register.

First poster for RED, a Del Kathryn Barton short film starring Cate Blanchett

First poster for RED, a Del Kathryn Barton short film starring Cate Blanchett

Hello Everyone!

The poster for RED has been revealed! The short movie opens today, Jan 26, at the Art Gallery of South Australia, as part of the 2017 Adelaide Festival. Also, a new interview with director Del Kathryn Barton is available. Enjoy!

Cate Blanchett Del Kathryn Barton RED

Best known for her dreamy, poetic portraits, two-time Archibald Prize winner Del Kathryn Barton is about to premiere her second short movie, which is also her live-action film directorial debut. RED features actor Cate Blanchett and dancer Charmene Yap in a tale driven by the redback spider’s mating instincts.
Barton co-directed her first film with Brendan Fletcher. An animation of Oscar Wilde’s 1888 romantic parable, The Nightingale and the Rose, it won Best Australian Short Film at the 2015 Melbourne International Film Festival and the 2016 AACTA award for Best Short Animation.
“I found Nightingale pretty fully on, although I was pleased with the end product,” Barton says. The long-time film buff, whose influences include the works of the late US-born director Stanley Kubrick, wanted to go on “immediately” to another film that “felt more manageable” than the Wildean animation, hence the foray into live action. The result is RED, a more abstract narrative, written by Barton, which will premiere at the 2017 Adelaide Festival.
Barton’s inspiration was the mating ritual of the redback spider in which the little male, having copulated with the female, somersaults into her mouth, offering himself as a meal, or to be bound in her web for later consumption.

“The redback spider, she’s so fierce looking and so beautiful,” says Barton, who sees the surreal RED as a celebration of raw female power. “She’s really a weapon, so she speaks to me aesthetically.”

If the new work seems like a radical departure, consider that the nightingale and the male spider both die for the pleasure and propagation of others. (In the first film, the nightingale of the title sacrificed her life by piercing her breast on a rose thorn.) And both stories play with anthropomorphism, imbuing these creatures with nobility.
The female protagonist is almost always at the centre of the narratives that Barton tries to interrogate but, curiously, she sees RED as her first true feminist work. “It has encouraged me to engage with the subtler politics of feminist issues with which first-world countries are dealing,” she says.
RED del kathryn barton (1)
Surely, I ask her, Barton would also read some of her own celebrated portraits (including one of Blanchett and her three sons, Mother (a portrait of Cate), which was a 2011 Archibald finalist) as feminist works? Both that portrait and RED engage with a fierce, archetypal mother. “Yes, I would,” says Barton, “but at the time I wasn’t engaged in that kind of thinking. They were more just a true eruption.”
“Whereas the film, I suppose, it’s such a different way of working,” Barton explains. “You have to work in a more mindful way and articulate so many times what the work is about, which is very challenging for me. I arrived at a richer dialogue, or a more self-aware gesture, if that makes sense, of what RED means to me, as opposed to the paintings, which come through a lot of discipline, but more organically.” For Barton, painting is more intuitive whereas film requires upfront thinking.
In imagining this story, Barton realised she didn’t know much about dance, so she emailed Sydney Dance Company’s artistic director, Rafael Bonachela. “He recommended Charmene, and she couldn’t have been more perfect.” Working again with Blanchett, recently seen in Julian Rosefeldt’s multi-screen film project Manifesto at the Art Gallery of NSW, was also a delight. “In my experience of Cate, I see her as an artist of the highest order. She puts herself in situations where she’s approaching the unknown and there’s a lot of tension in that moment,” Barton says. “I think she works very well with fine artists, for that reason. She wants to go on a bit of a mad journey and turn it upside down.”
Barton recently received development funding for her intriguing first feature film, called Flower, which will involve a male protagonist and his sexual proclivities, “an everyman coming to terms with an increasingly urgent fetish for flowers.” But Barton insists that she won’t sacrifice her other art: film and painting will remain her two primary disciplines.
After Adelaide, RED will be shown in New York, and later in 2017 at the National Gallery of Victoria as part of a large Barton survey show.

Del Kathryn Barton: RED
Art Gallery of South Australia
26 January – 30 April

Gallery Links:

via Art Guide Australia

Manifesto – Reviews from the Sundance Film Festival

Manifesto – Reviews from the Sundance Film Festival

Good morning!

Two days ago Manifesto had its worldwide premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, here are the first reviews:

The Hollywood Reporter
Screen Daily
The Playlist
Little White Lies

And a new interview with director Julian Rosefeldt here

Cate Blanchett Birthday Project

Cate Blanchett Birthday Project

Hello everybody! Here we go again, with another Cate Blanchett Birthday Project organized by Eden.
Here are the details:

It’s the THIRD year in a row I’m making this project!
The past two years had been incredible, Cate received our projects and we even got comments from her!

This year we are going to make a fan collage!

How is this gonna work?

Everyone can join the fan collage! The idea is making a huge collage that express the amount of fans Cate has and the way she influenced each and every one of us.

How are we going to do it?

Everyone adds ONE picture to the collage. You can take a picture of the following stuff:
If you have an another idea, send it on the ask box and I’ll consider. 🙂

*A photo of you holding a happy birthday note
*A photo of something that reminds you of Cate (it can be a picture on your wall, a perfume, a book. Whatever you want)
*A photo of a happy birthday note you created in your native language (with the NAME AGE AND CONTRY DETAILS)

IMPORTANT: I’m going to add your Name, Age and Country on the photos I’ll receive, so make sure you write that also in the email.


All photos should arrive until MARCH 29TH, 2017. Send them all to the following adress: (the same one from the past years lol)
If you have any questions you can ask Eden on tumblr / twitter / email .

Taking part in the project this year + special thanks: Nelly, Cate Blanchett Daily , Queen Cate , Cate Blanchett Fan,


Who can participate the project? – Everyone who wants to.
Can I send a picture of myself with a happy birthday poster? Sure.
Can you guarantee Cate will receive the book? – sadly not, but we will try our best to make this work.

[Videos] Two-time Oscar winner, Cate Blanchett, makes Broadway debut in ‘The Present’

[Videos] Two-time Oscar winner, Cate Blanchett, makes Broadway debut in ‘The Present’

Hello everyone!

New interviews and videos about The Present!

1) The Present on Broadway – Official Facebook


3) New Promo

4) Studio 10

Cate Blanchett’s Broadway debut in The Present (stills, program, reviews)

Cate Blanchett’s Broadway debut in The Present (stills, program, reviews)

Last Sunday, Cate Blanchett made her Broadway debut in The Present, a Sydney Theatre Company production. After the official opening night of the play, new material became available such as new stills, reviews and the program. Enjoy!

Cate Blanchett The Present Broadway

Stills (On Tour)

Cate Blanchett The Present Broadway

The Program

Program The Present Broadway Cate Blanchett

Check the list of reviews created by The Playbill

Review by NY1


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