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Cate Blanchett Eyes Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Nightmare Alley’ With Bradley Cooper

Cate Blanchett Eyes Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Nightmare Alley’ With Bradley Cooper

Hello dear Blanchetters!! A new possible project, stay tuned!

Cate Blanchett is in talks to star opposite Bradley Cooper in Guillermo del Toro and Fox Searchlight’s adaptation of “Nightmare Alley.”

The production is eyeing a shooting start at the top of 2020.

Del Toro will direct the pic and co-wrote the script with Kim Morgan. “Nightmare Alley” is being produced and financed by del Toro and J. Miles Dale with TSG Entertainment, with Fox Searchlight acquiring worldwide distribution rights to the film.

While Fox made a “Nightmare Alley” movie in 1947, this film will be based moreso on the William Lindsay Gresham novel of the same name. The 1947 movie starred Tyrone Power as an ambitious young con-man who teams up with a female psychiatrist who is even more corrupt than he is. At first, they enjoy success fleecing people with their mentalist act, but then she turns the tables on him, out-manipulating the manipulator.

After “The Shape of Water” went on to win several Oscars, including best picture and director for del Toro, the auteur decided to hold off on picking his next directing gig, only focusing his efforts as a producer on the Searchlight movie “Antlers” and the soon-to-be-released “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.”

Blanchett can be seen next in Richard Linklater’s “Where’d You Go Bernadette?” and is currently filming the FX limited series “Mrs. America.” She is repped by CAA and RGM Artists.

via Variety

Where’d You Go Bernadette: Interviews, New Pictures and More!

Where’d You Go Bernadette: Interviews, New Pictures and More!

Hello dear Blanchetters!!

First of all, thanks to your generosity we have reached our goal to keep the site open: we are gonna stay open one more year!! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!

Bernadette opens in less than 10 days, or even before: several early screening and events have been set to promote the movie.

Canadians early screening —> More infos here and here
Phoenix —> More infos here
There could be more early screening between Canada and USA, these are just a few of them.

On August 30 a group of people were invited in Toronto to meet the cast of the movie, marking the beginning of the press junket.

First video interviews (the second one is from Etalk Canada: we have added the video interview from another source because it’s geoblocked)


From 3:34 (contents used in the featurette)


Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett opens up about her new film 'Where'd You Go, Bernadette?' and reveals if she has any plans to move back to Australia! #9Today

Posted by TODAY on Monday, July 29, 2019


New photoshoot and interview from The Wall Street Journal (if you can’t read it any more, check the scans below) – Outtake from Ian Patterson’s Insta

New pictures from the movie have been released! (stills, behind the scenes and promotional)

First clip with Troian Belisario

Would you like to be like Bernadette? Now you can create your own avatar with this new app: Becoming Bernadette

More short clips shared by the official social media accounts of the movie

Site News + Bernadette Promotion

Site News + Bernadette Promotion

Hello dear Blanchetters!

This post is hard to write.
As some of you may have noticed we have been silent for a long time, or late to make posts and to keep the site updated to our usual standard. Few months ago the oldest members of the team realized that their lives made impossible for them to keep the site open any longer, so they decided to look up for new collaborators to help them out.
The transition process was not promising and nearing Cate’s 50th birthday the team decided to put the site on sale setting a deadline for end of August, when the servers hosting the site and the gallery expire, and then to close the site for good, if nobody had stepped up.
We would like to remind you all that this site is fan made, built with our own money (and the ones kindly donated), using our skills and our free time, pushed by endless passion. We have no affiliation with Mrs. Blanchett and her managment, we just admire her (a lot).
We decided to post as much as we had from our personal archives before the site closes but we can’t make it: we can’t even prepare the Vault posts on social media or moderate the chat we created to bring fans together, we don’t have available time.
Our hard called decision about the site made us really sad: it’s like a children to us and we have spent years collecting material and making it available to the public at large, for free (you can check all the social media around: most pages dedicated to Cate Blanchett won’t be here today without our work and we don’t even ask for credit).
We received an offer for the site, but with one condition: to dismember the team behind it. We declined.
But that moment made us realize that we are not ready to step down, for three reasons: we received a legacy from another fansite, we are the best at doing this and we love it. So the site will stay open, but one thing remain: the yearly servers deadline. If we can’t find the money to pay for them the site will close on August 22nd.
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We are gonna keep up as we can, we all our love
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Faithfull to our commitment, let’s talk about Cate!

Where’d You Go Bernadette is opening in less than a month, and we have a big update to make. A series of short clips and the first featurette have been posted recently, plus new stills, an interview with Cate and more news.

First thing first: group sales are available on the official site. For more infos click here.

The New York Times will host a screening followed by a public talk with director Richard Linklater on August 12. More infos here

The Austin Film Society will held a special screening of the movie on August 15. The director will be there. More infos here

The movie soundtrack has released, here’s the album track list:

1. Welcome to Antarctica (2:43)
2. Seattle (2:20)
3. Sleeping (0:56)
4. Blackberry Abatement Specialist (1:11)
5. Mudslide Aftermath (1:26)
6. Medicine Cabinet (0:37)
7. 18 Miracles (3:15)
8. Ice Cream Rescue (1:14)
9. Invisible Cosmic Rays (1:05)
10. Jingle Bells (2:21)
11. Gone (2:38)
12. Home From School (1:01)
13. I’m Talking To You, Aren’t I? (1:03)
14. Why Do You Always Set It So High? (1:30)
15. Storm Tossed (1:50)
16. I’m a Ghost (1:09)
17. Dad, I’ve Made a Decision (1:15)
18. Crochet and Icebergs (2:21)
19. Welcome to Port Lockroy (2:12)
20. Palmer Station (2:02)
21. You Can Go (3:38)
22. Where’d You Go, Bernadette (2:19)


A series of international posters

New still!


A series of clips and the first featurette! The official social media account are quite active. I suggest you to follow them!

The first press junket interview and a new still in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. Enjoy!

Closing with the updated release dates for some coutries from IMDB:
Release Dates
Poland 16 August 2019
USA 16 August 2019
Argentina 29 August 2019 (Argentina)
Netherlands 29 August 2019
Portugal 29 August 2019
Indonesia 30 August 2019
Russia 5 September 2019
Mexico 4 October 2019
Italy 10 October 2019
Sweden 11 October 2019
Australia 24 October 2019
Brazil 14 November 2019
Germany 12 December 2019

Where’d You Go Bernadette – New trailer and new poster

Where’d You Go Bernadette – New trailer and new poster

Hello again, Blanchetters!

Annapurna Pictures released the second trailer and the second poster for Where’d You Go Bernadette, the summer movie starring Cate Blanchett, Kristen Wiig, Judy Greer, Billy Crudup and Troian Bellisario.

We have also replaced the still below with an HQ image

The movie is set to open on August 16 in the USA, we’ll keep you posted!
Source: Collider

Cate Blanchett on her new movie “Where’d You Go, Bernadette”

Cate Blanchett on her new movie “Where’d You Go, Bernadette”

Hello Blanchetters!!

Cate Blanchett and director Richard Linklater talked to Entertainment Weekly about their new movie Where’d You Go, Bernadette. The article/interview available in the Summer Movie preview issue also features a new still of the production. We added this image to the gallery and also the other one released by Fandango last week. Read the article below and enjoy the new images!!!

How Cate Blanchett and Richard Linklater figured out Where’d You Go, Bernadette

Figuring out Bernadette Fox wasn’t easy for Cate Blanchett. “It wasn’t just how complex and painfully absurd her life is, but the brittle way she pits herself against the world,” the actress, 49, says. “In the end, the trickiest thing was tone. It’s one thing to listen to an unrelenting sardonic inner voice in a novel, and another thing entirely to hear it on screen.”

Fans of Maria Semple’s Where’d You Go, Bernadette should know what she’s talking about. The 2012 novel, which spent more than a year on the New York Times best-seller list, presents significant challenges for a big-screen adaptation, particularly Semple’s uniquely sarcastic voice and her use of catty emails, phone transcripts, and police reports to drive the narrative. A once-renowned architect, Bernadette retreats into a shell of her former self after she gets married and has children. And then she vanishes to Antarctica(!), leaving her plucky 14-year-old daughter, Bee (Emma Nelson), to solve the mystery of what happened, and why.

All involved with the adaptation immediately connected with the book upon reading it. Blanchett, particularly, vividly recounts her first experience with it: “It was the first of Maria’s books I read and I ate it alive — I was unprepared and embarrassingly, I read it on a plane. Weeping and laughing and nearly peeing my pants in public. But I couldn’t put it down.” Nelson, making her feature-film debut in Bernadette, read Semple’s novel after getting a callback for the part, but before reading the script. “Especially for someone my age, [Bee] is not a character you usually see in books: I think I appreciated that aspect,” she says. “It showed her as not somebody that was in the way of things or acting childish, but rather, somebody driving the story and driving her own determination.”

As for the vision of director Richard Linklater (Boyhood)? “I concentrated on what I felt the book was really about at its emotional core, which was an intense portrait of motherhood,” he says. “For someone else who loves the book, their favorite part might be something else. You’ve got to jump in as a storyteller and say, ‘Well, this is my version.’ There’s no one version of any book or story. [It’s] what you’re moved by and what you personally want to explore via this story and these characters.” Linklater believes, for instance, that another filmmaker might have leaned more heavily into the broad comedy of Semple’s work. Linklater, conversely, was attracted to its humanity.

This meant working closely with Blanchett and Nelson during an entire month of rehearsals. “We talked through everything,” Nelson says. “‘Is this part of my character? Would I say this? Is this how the conversation would really go?’” Blanchett has nothing but praise for the process: “[Richard Linklater] sits and chats and reads with the actors as he writes…It was a hilarious and touching process. I adore him.”

Blanchett describes the collaboration as a “fascinating challenge,” but always felt intimately connected to her character. “I think so many women relate to Bernadette: She’s someone who has been eaten alive by failure and buried her creative identity in child-rearing,” she says. “Haven’t we all thought at one point, ‘Oh, s—, this mess is all too much. [Wouldn’t it] just be easiest to disappear?’”

The film opens in theaters on Aug. 16.


News on Where’d You Go Bernadette

News on Where’d You Go Bernadette

Hello Blanchetters!

Four months till the release of Where’d You Go Bernadette, and it’s already been a life time. Based on the book by Maria Semple and shoot in Seattle two summers ago (yes, you read well), the feature film is going to open this August in the US. But not on August 9, as the release date has been pushed on to August 16.

To raise our hopes, a brand new still has been released yesterday. Have faith!

According to IMDb these might be the release dates outside the US (to be updated):

Argentina 8 August 2019
Mexico 9 August 2019
Hungary 15 August 2019
USA 16 August 2019
Netherlands 29 August 2019
Portugal 29 August 2019
Italy 10 October 2019

Sources: The Stage, USA Today