Disclaimer Update & Not Now, Not Ever Book
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Jun 14, 2022

Disclaimer Update & Not Now, Not Ever Book

Hi, everyone! It has been slow news day as we await for release of Cate’s projects this year and other news — according to Screen Daily the AppleTV+ series, Disclaimer, is still filming in London. On a more recent news, former Prime Minister (Australia) Julia Gillard is releasing a new book which would have a contribution from Cate and other feminist figures.


Leslie Manville was recently announced as part of the cast of the 7-episode AppleTV+ series. Italian newspaper, il Fatto Quotidiano, is reporting that two episodes of the series will be filmed at Forte dei Marmi in Tuscany, Italy.

Here’s the list of characters the announced cast will be playing in the series:

Cate Blanchett – Catherine Ravenscroft; a successful and respected television documentary journalist whose work has been built on revealing the concealed transgressions of long-respected institutions.

Kevin Kline – Stephen Brigstocke; a widower who wrote an intriguing novel that was sent to Catherine Ravenscroft which reveals a story she had hoped was long buried in the past.

Sacha Baron Cohen – Robert Ravenscroft; Catherine’s husband who is a lawyer (role is not confirmed yet).

Kodi Smit-McPhee – Nicholas Ravenscroft; Catherine and Robert’s son (role is not confirmed yet).

Hoyeon Jung – Kim; Catherine’s assistant who is ambitious, hardworking and eager-to-please, she knows that working for Catherine is going to be her big break.

Louis Partridge – Jonathan Brigstocke; a teenager on his gap year traveling through Italy who allows himself to give in to his deeper desires with unexpected consequences.

Lesley Manville – Nancy Brigstocke, a woman devastated by her young son’s untimely death. Her life has been defined by her grief, and she lives a quiet life with her husband, Stephen.

Not Now, Not Ever Book

Julia Gillard has just announced her explosive new book Not Now, Not Ever set for release this year on 5 October 2022.

Ten years on from her famous Misogyny Speech, Gillard’s new book explores the history and culture of misogyny, while laying out a roadmap for the future. While the past ten years have undeniably seen many changes – and improvements – there is still a long way to go.

With contributions from several authors and experts, the book explores the reality of misogyny in 2022 and provides a look back at how the Misogyny Speech has inspired women since 2012.

With plenty to explore, the book is a well-rounded and highly-anticipated read for anyone hoping to understand the effects of misogyny on modern society. Kathy Lette looks into how the speech has resurfaced on TikTok, while Cate Blanchett, Brittany Higgins and more recall their first time hearing it. Next-generation feminists Sally Scales, Chanel Contos, and Caitlin Figuerado provide inspiring insight, and of course, the echoes of the rallying cry ring through each page: Not now, not ever!

Sources: ScreenDaily; il Fatto Quotidiano; Penguin Books; Variety

Nightmare Alley to premiere at Academy Museum of Motion Pictures; & and a new Nightmare Alley Book
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Oct 8, 2021

Nightmare Alley to premiere at Academy Museum of Motion Pictures; & and a new Nightmare Alley Book

Hi, blanchetters!

We are nearing the world premiere for Nightmare Alley but unfortunately we don’t have official date yet. Also new book on Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley is being released and you can check the details below.

Nightmare Alley to premiere at Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

According to Variety, Nightmare Alley will premiere at the new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures located on the LACMA campus in Los Angeles

The museum is quickly becoming the hottest event space in the city. WIF will hold its annual awards gala there next week (October 6th 2021) followed by the premieres of “House of Gucci,” Ridley Scott’s drama starring Lady Gaga, and Guillermo del Toro’s “Nightmare Alley.”

Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley: The Rise and Fall of Stanton Carlisle

From acclaimed director Guillermo del Toro comes the stunning psychological thriller Nightmare Alley. Taking readers on a captivating journey through the making of the highly anticipated film, The Art and Making of Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley is filled with incisive commentary from the director and his creative team.

The book will be released on December 7th 2021 and is now available for pre-order at Insight Edition

Join Oscar-winning filmmaker Guillermo del Toro for an intimate exploration of his darkly electrifying psychological thriller Nightmare Alley.

Comprehensive and insightful, Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley: The Rise and Fall of Stanton Carlisle, is the ultimate companion to the master director’s latest work.

• DISCOVER A RIVETING STORY: Inspired by William Lindsay Gresham’s cult 1947 novel, Nightmare Alley stars Bradley Cooper as Stanton “Stan” Carlisle, a talented but troubled drifter who takes up with a traveling carnival. Ingratiating himself with its troupe of misfits, Stan swindles his way to fortune and fame, but when he meets psychiatrist Lilith Ritter (Cate Blanchett), his greed and duplicity will put him on the path to self-destruction. Also starring Toni Collette, Willem Dafoe, Richard Jenkins, and Rooney Mara, Nightmare Alley is del Toro’s most ambitious film to date, an engrossing yet disturbing journey into the psyche of a tragic swindler whose own nature seals his fate.

• EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS: This deluxe volume delves into the creation of all aspects of the film through extensive interviews with del Toro and his cast and crew, including writer Kim Morgan, with whom he collaborated closely on the script.

• NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN CONCEPT ART AND PHOTOS: This incisive commentary is illustrated with a broad range of striking visuals from the production—including concept art and unit photography—that illuminate the film’s two distinct worlds: the ramshackle life of the traveling carnival and the sophisticated art deco trappings of 1940s Buffalo, New York.

• INSIGHTS FROM DEL TORO HIMSELF: Tracing the arc of a production that faced multiple challenges, not least of all the onset of a pandemic that threatened to derail shooting, del Toro and his team give deep insights into the complex psychology of the film’s protagonists and the process of bringing them to life on set

Source: Variety

Cate Blanchett to lead ‘A Manual for Cleaning Women’ with script by Pedro Almodovar; Preview Interview from Portrait of An Artist; & TAR Updates
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Oct 2, 2021

Cate Blanchett to lead ‘A Manual for Cleaning Women’ with script by Pedro Almodovar; Preview Interview from Portrait of An Artist; & TAR Updates

Hi, everyone!

We’ve compiled recent news on Cate. We have a preview of Cate’s interview with Hugo Huerta Marin which was published on his book Portrait of An Artist. Cate is also circling the lead in A Manual for Cleaning Women which Pedro Almodovar wrote the screenplay. On TÁR related news, it has finished filming in Dresden, Germany and continues it in Berlin. Cate is also a signatory on a letter calling on Google, Amazon, Fox, Netflix, Disney & more to demand congress to support Biden’s climate plan.

Portrait of An Artist

Portrait of an Artist: Conversations with Trailblazing Creative Women by Hugo Huerta Marin is published by Prestel and is now available in the United States and will be out in the UK on October 5th, 2021. You can pre-order here.

Cate Blanchett leads the project ‘A Manual for Cleaning Women’ with a script by Pedro Almodóvar

This interview was Google translated, original interview in Spanish from El Pais is linked below.

“The actress [Cate Blanchett] loves the script and the shooting would be in English, but we no longer have the rights to the stories,” explains producer Agustín Almodóvar

Pedro Almodóvar premieres next Friday Parallel Mothers, the drama for which Penelope Cruz won the Volpi Cup at the last Venice Film Festival, “and he is already thinking about his next project,” as the producer and brother of the filmmaker told EL PAÍS, Agustín Almodóvar. “It has always been like this, as soon as I had finished a film I was already thinking about the next one,” he explains by phone. But it is not clear that it is a Manual for Cleaning Women, as was his initial plan before the pandemic, and of course before the short film The Human Voice, with Tilda Swinton, and Parallel Mothers, whose script wrote during confinement. As Agustín Almodóvar explains, “it is a question of rights and interests”.

Almodóvar adapted into a libretto – he has been with the project for three years – several of the 43 stories that make up the Manual for Cleaning Women, by Lucia Berlin, one of the books whose reading has most impressed him in recent years. The stories unfold between Texas, Oakland, and Mexico, in English and Spanish. “Two fifths of the script take place in Mexico,” recalls Almodóvar, the producer. “So it could be shot in Spain in locations in the Canary Islands, Andalusia…”. The script impressed who would have been its protagonist, Cate Blanchett. “Although the female character changes profession and sometimes physique, she is always, deep down, Lucia”, explains the producer. Handbook for cleaning ladies it would mark the filmmaker’s debut in a feature length in English, “after happily shooting the short with Tilda, although it is true that it was a small project carried out as a family,” says his brother. Almodóvar had already been offered projects to direct in the US, among them A Nun of Care or The Boy from the Newspaper, although they were commissions and he never felt that they came out organically from him. Julieta even wrote based on texts by Alice Munro for Meryl Streep, before deciding that the story would work much better in Spain and moved it from place and language, losing in the trip to the Hollywood star.

So what happened to Manual …? “The transfer of rights to the book is over,” explains the producer, who specifies his statements in a podcast from Castilla-La Mancha Media.” The script was done and Cate was excited about it.” But when the time came to definitively buy the adaptation rights, with what it involved an economic effort, and in doubt as to whether or not it would be shot, the Almodóvar production company El Deseo decided not to make the payment. “Now, Cate has decided to stick with him. He hasn’t bought the rights yet, he’s working on it, and he would do it with Pedro’s script ”. And then several possibilities would open up: from when the film is not made until it is directed by another director, or in the end by Pedro Almodóvar himself. “In international projects everything is uncertain”, recalls the producer. “If he goes ahead with another director, Pedro would appear as a scriptwriter and both he and I as co-producers”, with which they could even have a voice when choosing who directs the script. “The experience with Tilda was great, and Cate is the same kind of person. However, it is not at all clear that this is Pedro’s next shoot, ” his brother concludes.


The shooting of the film “TÁR” by director Todd Field, with Cate Blanchett in the role of conductor Lydia Tár, ended on Tuesday. Since September 16, the film had been shot in the Kulturpalast and, most recently, in the Palais in the Great Garden in Dresden .

Those involved in the film said goodbye with a lot of praise for the Saxon state capital and the Philharmonie.

“Thank you so much for welcoming us so warmly and generously to your impressive city,” said Blanchett enthusiastically. “It was a pleasure to work with his fantastic orchestra in the Kulturpalast.”

Director Field, who entered the city’s Golden Book during the recording, also spoke in the highest tones of Florence on the Elbe: “Dresden has a world-class orchestra and is a world-class city,” said the 57-year-old. “The Kulturpalast is a place for everyone: from small children who come here and look at picture books, to young adults who simply meet here or listen to music, to concert audiences. In the United States, I have never heard of anything like that. ”

As a special surprise, Todd Field had a letter from leading actress Cate Blanchett with him. She wrote to Mayor Dirk Hilbert: “Thank you for letting us be here in Dresden. You have a world class orchestra! I very much hope that I can come to Dresden again.

Dozens Of A-listers Calling On Google, Amazon, Fox, Netflix, Disney & More To Demand Congress Support Biden’s Climate Plan

As Democratic leadership tries to unite its progressive and moderate wings, a group of 80-plus artists, celebrities and activists called on the leaders of Google, Disney, Amazon, Fox, Facebook and more to urge Congress to support President Biden’s Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

Boldfaced signatories to the group letter included J.J. Abrams, Greg Berlanti, Cate Blanchett, Jack Antonoff, Don Cheadle, Ellen DeGeneres, Selena Gomez, Chris Evans, Jimmy Kimmel, Lady Gaga, John Legend, Chuck Lorre, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Sean Penn, Joaquin Phoenix, Billy Porter, Robert Redford, Ryan Reynolds, Shakira, Barbra Streisand, Wes Studi, Justin Timberlake, Kerry Washington and many more. The full list of names is below.

Dear Entertainment Industry Executives:

Climate change has arrived on our doorstep: California is on fire, record-breaking and deadly storms are flooding New York City, hurricanes are devastating the Gulf. This summer alone, nearly one in every three people in the United States experienced an extreme weather event.

Scientists warn that if we fail to act now, every single one of us will feel the impacts, a billion people will be displaced, and low-income people and communities of color will continue to be hit first and worst. Right now, we have a critical window of opportunity to do something about it. And we need all hands on deck to demand that our leaders protect the people we love and the places they live before it’s too late.

Congress has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to invest in a clean, just, and equitable future for all by passing the robust climate action that President Biden called for in his Build Back Better agenda. This legislation will create healthier communities, put millions to work in clean energy jobs, and free us from the fossil fuels that are driving climate change.

As the top leaders of the entertainment industry—one of the nation’s most powerful and influential business sectors—you are needed to lead our community’s call for action and embrace this vision for a better world. The entertainment community has a long, proud tradition of driving societal change. Our industry is already leading the charge toward more sustainable practices within our own businesses and productions. Now is the time to use your influence to shape our future.

Congress needs to hear you demand, unequivocally, that it put forward and pass the most ambitious climate change agenda in U.S. history.

The plan currently before Congress will protect people’s health and clean up our drinking water. It will create a just transition away from dirty fossil fuels and create millions of new jobs. It will protect communities from climate change through investments in clean energy, clean transportation, and infrastructure upgrades. And it will make sure we finally prioritize and invest in the low-income communities and communities of color that are hit hardest by both fossil fuel pollution and climate impacts.

This plan will create a stronger, brighter, and more just America—and we need you to help make this vision a reality.

At this pivotal moment, please lead the call. Demand publicly and loudly that our senators and representatives in Congress pass this critical legislation.

And we pledge to do our part as well. We will use our platforms to remind all Americans: Tell your senators and representatives in Congress that you demand climate action now. Advocate for Congress to take up the president’s climate agenda. And don’t stop there. Tweet. Post. E-mail. Call. Whatever it takes.


J.J. Abrams
Jack Antonoff
Troian Bellisario
Greg Berlanti
Cate Blanchett
Benny Blanco
Dave Burd aka “Lil Dicky”
Camila Cabello
Dove Cameron
Alessia Cara
Don Cheadle
Glenn Close
Jacob Collier
Lily Collins
James Corden
Ellen DeGeneres
Cara Delevingne
Leonardo DiCaprio
Zac Efron
Billie Eilish
Chris Evans
Jimmy Fallon
Selena Gomez
Conan Gray
Todrick Hall
Hugh Jackman
Jimmy Kimmel
Joey King
Liza Koshy
Lady Gaga
Cyndi Lauper
John Legend
Adam Levine
Kevin Liles
Dua Lipa
Chuck Lorre
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Demi Lovato
Ziggy Marley
Shawn Mendes
Idina Menzel
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Sean Penn
Joaquin Phoenix
Billy Porter
Zachary Quinto
Addison Rae
Robert Redford
Ryan Reynolds
Mark Ronson
Kyra Sedgwick
Lilly Singh
Troye Sivan
Barbra Streisand
Wes Studi
Ryan Tedder
Justin Timberlake
Kerry Washington
Sigourney Weaver
Shailene Woodley
Calum Worthy

Source: El Pais, Tag24, Saechsische, Deadline

Cate Blanchett news compilation
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Sep 5, 2021

Cate Blanchett news compilation

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Some Cate related news. A new boxset of the The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy will be released in October 2021 for the 20th anniversary of The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. It’s a 31-disc boxset that will have both theatrical and extended version of the movies, it will  include the (virtual) cast reunion that was shown post screening at Alamo Drafthouse cinemas early this year.

Cate is also in a cover for a new book titled Portrait of an Artist: Conversations with Trailblazing Creative Women by Hugo Huerta Marin which will be released on October 5th 2021. We will also have first look on Don’t Look Up on September 25th 2021.

Portrait of an Artist

From legendary visual artists Yoko Ono and Tracey Emin, to groundbreaking musicians like Annie Lennox and Debbie Harry, to fashion giants such as Miuccia Prada and Diane von Fu?rstenberg, this collection of original interviews and Polaroid photographs of almost 30 trailblazing women spans creative industries, nationalities and generations to bring together a never-before- published collection of leading voices. Featuring an astounding range of names including FKA Twigs, Isabelle Huppert and Rei Kawakubo, this book creates both a portrait of each individual woman and – collectively – a powerful portrait of the impact of women on the creative industries. Each pioneering creative is interviewed and photographed by the Mexican artist Hugo Huerta Marin. The women speak openly with Huerta Marin about their challenges and joys; their vulnerabilities and their triumphs. Cate Blanchett reflects on the differences between acting on stage and in film; Marina Abramovic discusses her most radical piece of performance art; Annie Lennox reminisces about London in the 1970s; Carrie Mae Weems discusses the relationship between race and photography —these and other conversations are further brought to life by Huerta Marin’s candid, intimate Polaroid images. These photographs, which allow readers to lock eyes with their subjects, reflect the natural tone of each conversation, allowing the reader rare insight into the lives of these renowned artists. Inspiring and revealing, this collection of interviews and photographs gives readers an unparalleled connection with some of the most fascinating women working in the arts today.

Click image for higher resolution:

First look on Don’t Look Up on September 25th

Netflix will be holding a free virtual event on September 25th 2021 to give us first look, updates, and new trailers for their upcoming series and movies which would include Don’t Look Up where Cate plays Brie Evantee. You can go to Tudum to watch the virtual event.

The three-hour Netflix TUDUM virtual event begins Saturday, September 25 at 9am PST / 12pm EST / 4pm GMT / 1am JST and KST.

There will be special pre-shows spotlighting Korean and Indian series and films along with fantastic Anime content that will kick-off at 5am PST / 8am EST / 12pm GMT / 9pm JST and KST on specific channels. (See below for more channel information.)

Source: Penguin Random House, The Digital Bits

Cate Blanchett presents Book of the Year Award at 2021 ABIA; & on set photo of Borderlands
Posted on
May 1, 2021

Cate Blanchett presents Book of the Year Award at 2021 ABIA; & on set photo of Borderlands

Hi, everyone!

Cate presented an award at this year Australian Book Industry Awards, and we also have an on set photo of Borderlands cast. Vogue Brasil published all 31 questions asked during the launch Sì Eau de Parfum Intense. Check them below.

ABIA 2021 Virtual Awards Event

Cate appears at 1:01:02



On set of Borderlands in Hungary


31 perguntas para Cate Blanchett sobre beleza, feminismo e cinema


“As pessoas geralmente associam uma mulher poderosa a dinheiro e influência, mas as mulheres mais poderosas que conheço são donas de si, engajadas, generosas e sábias”. A frase é de Cate Blanchett, em conversa com a Vogue Brasil, sobre empoderamento feminino e as transformações da sociedade em relação ao lugar da mulher que, claro, é onde ela quiser. Rosto do tradicional perfume Sì desde 2013, ela também segue com a grife neste lançamento que acaba de chegar ao Brasil, aposta para homenagear mulheres fortes no Dia das Mães: o Sì Eau de Parfum Intense, versão mais profunda e sofisticada.

Para a atriz de 51 anos, ainda falando sobre o papel feminino na sociedade, é encantador ver como as estruturas estão sendo ressignificadas. “Nunca estive tão animada com a colaboração feminina quanto estou hoje. Está acontecendo um nível maior de abertura, honestidade e experiência compartilhada; uma vontade de olhar para o nosso passado coletivo a fim de avançar de forma produtiva e positiva para o futuro. Agora é aceitável discutir nossos fracassos e medos quanto compartilhar nossos sucessos e inspirações”, diz.

A seguir, fizemos 31 perguntas à Cate Blanchett sobre beleza, feminismo, cinema e fragrâncias. Confira:


1. Você acha que o conceito de beleza evoluiu ao longo dos anos?

As pessoas costumam ficar “maravilhadas” com a beleza, mas muitas vezes acho que alguém descobre o que é verdadeiramente belo ou tropeça nele, quase por acidente. Particularmente, nos últimos 12 meses senti que a beleza tranquila se revelou para mim, talvez porque eu estivesse mais aberta a ela. A beleza está nos detalhes, muitas vezes nos detalhes pequenos, quase ocultos, que a princípio podemos ignorar.

2. O que torna alguém bonito para você?

As várias perspectivas de uma pessoa, sua força, sua energia e o seu senso de humor são o que as torna única. E, para mim, é essa singularidade que a torna verdadeiramente bela.

3. Na juventude, havia alguém que você admirava pela beleza?

Sempre achei David Bowie profundamente lindo; ao ler sobre Eleonora Duse, passei a crer que ela deveria ter sido absolutamente cativante; e a voz de Nina Simone é uma das coisas mais bonitas que já ouvi.

4. A beleza de Armani tem muito a ver com autoconfiança: quando você se sente mais confiante?

Sinto-me mais confiante quando estou fluindo: no palco, em movimento, na água, em uma conversa sem esforço. Quando estou inspirada, acho que perco a noção do meu eu exterior, talvez seja quando estou mais confiante.

5. Qual é uma das primeiras memórias de maquiagem que ficou para sempre com você?

A memória mais antiga de maquiagem foi descobrir o poder do batom. Como isso pode transformar seu rosto, como, quando criança, eu o achava tão sofisticado e atraente.

6. Se você tivesse que sair pela porta em cinco minutos, como você agilizaria sua rotina?

Minha rotina é sempre simplificada. Estou constantemente sem tempo, então é um bom hidratante, o Crema Nera da Giorgio Armani, protetor solar, máscara de cílios Armani e perfume. Nunca falta o perfume, pois melhora meu humor e mantém meus sonhos vivos durante o dia.

7. Que conselho de beleza você daria para a sua versão mais jovem?

Aceite suas falhas. Seu rosto e seu corpo mudarão constantemente ao longo da sua vida, então é melhor você abraçar essa mudança! O melhor conselho de beleza é cuidar da sua pele. É o maior órgão do seu corpo.

8. Existe alguma regra de beleza ou de cuidados com a pele que você ignora?

Dormir é muito importante para pensar com clareza, para cuidar do corpo, mas sempre vou para a cama tarde demais.

9. Sua pele é notoriamente luminosa. Qual é o seu segredo número um?

Eu gostaria que fosse algo mais misterioso, mas honestamente, além de um bom multivitamínico – vitamina C e zinco são vitais – é simplesmente ficar longe do sol, beber muita água, vinagre de maçã pela manhã e dormir.

10. O quão próximo você trabalha com sua maquiadora de longa data, Mary Greenwell, na criação de um look de beleza para cada ocasião?

Adoro a Mary, tanto como maquiadora quanto como uma amiga querida. Nós nos divertimos muito juntas. Ela tem um olho tão incrível e está tão envolvida na vida e no mundo estético em todas as suas formas que acabamos sendo muito espontâneas juntas.


11. Qual é a sua visão de ser mulher hoje?

Nunca estive tão animada quanto hoje com a perspectiva de colaboração feminina em todas as culturas e gerações. Está acontecendo um nível maior de abertura, honestidade e experiência compartilhada; uma vontade de olhar para o nosso passado coletivo a fim de avançar de forma produtiva e positiva para o futuro. Obviamente, ainda existem caminhos muito difíceis que muitas mulheres têm que percorrer, mas sinto que o clima está evoluindo. Agora é aceitável discutir nossos fracassos e medos quanto compartilhar nossos sucessos e inspirações. A vida é complexa.

12. O que significa para você ser uma mulher poderosa?

Ser poderosa, geralmente, está associado a dinheiro e influência. Algumas das pessoas mais genuinamente poderosas que conheci, entretanto, são pessoas que estão no comando de si mesmas, que são controladas, engajadas, generosas e sábias. Pessoalmente, sinto-me mais confiante em minha própria pele quando sinto que não estou tentando provar nada a ninguém além de mim mesma.

13. Quão importante é ousar ser você mesma?

Ser “você mesma” é um conceito complicado porque descobrir quem você é, isso é uma jornada para toda a vida. Estamos em um constante estado de ‘transformação’. Mas a autoexpressão em todas as suas formas pode ser algo angustiante e que expõe muito, portanto, quando você tem o apoio e a confiança das pessoas ao seu redor, e a coragem de suas próprias convicções, isso certamente ajuda.

14. Que mensagem você espera transmitir às mulheres por meio de seu papel em Armani beauty?

Acho que o senso de beleza do Sr. Armani contém complexidade e facilidade de uso. Ele contém bom humor e envolvimento com o mundo ao nosso redor e sempre contém amor. Amor e respeito pelos outros e pelo mundo natural, é claro, mas também por si mesmo.


15. Qual é a melhor parte de atuar?

Quando você se conecta com o público. Tive a sorte de trabalhar com pessoas incrivelmente talentosas que me inspiram e expandem o que eu acho que é possível criativamente.

16. Qual o seu critério na hora de aceitar um novo papel?

No final, as decisões são tomadas instintivamente e moderadas pelo tempo, não muito diferente de um caso de amor.

17. Dos filmes em que você estrelou, qual é o seu look de beleza favorito?

Poxa. Eu não penso em um personagem como sendo ‘bonito’ ou não, isso depende do público, eles são os observadores. Criar um visual para um personagem é sempre incrivelmente divertido e depende totalmente do diretor de fotografia, do figurinista, do roteiro, etc. O filme Manifesto, de Julian Rosefeldt, em particular, foi muito divertido porque havia uma gama diversificada de personagens.

18. Como cada um dos diretores com quem você trabalhou influenciou seu estilo de atuação?

Trabalhar com um grande diretor é como ter uma ótima conversa. É evolutivo, surpreendente, de longo alcance e inspirador. Influencia 110% das escolhas que se faz, os riscos que se corre e influencia profundamente o ambiente no set e, portanto, o resultado final do filme.

19. Você também assina como produtora…

Sempre gostei de fazer parte de um projeto completo. Para mim, meu papel como atriz é frequentemente o último ponto de foco, então estar dentro de um projeto como produtor é um espaço incrivelmente excitante e natural para eu habitar. Alguns produtores pensam financeiramente, alguns produtores pensam criativamente e alguns produtores estão interessados e são capazes de abranger os dois campos. Eu gostaria de pensar que estou na última categoria.


20. Você é o rosto de Sì desde 2013 e é a Embaixadora Global de Beleza de Giorgio Armani. Como você se sente por ter um relacionamento tão antigo com a marca e como você define o seu papel?

O relacionamento com Sì e com Armani Beauty cresceu organicamente a partir do meu relacionamento criativo com o Sr. Armani. Não é nenhum segredo que tenho muita estima por ele e há muito tempo que me inspiro em como ele abraçou e celebrou as mulheres em toda sua complexidade maravilhosa. Meu papel? Acho que é ampliar o que Armani representa: graça, luxo sem esforço, elegância bem-humorada, amor pela natureza e amor pela vida.

21. O que você mais gosta em Giorgio Armani? Qual é a sua primeira lembrança do Sr. Armani?

Tenho um relacionamento criativo com Giorgio Armani há muito tempo, antes mesmo de conhecê-lo. Com meu primeiro pagamento, comprei um terno Armani que ainda uso. Eu o conheci em um desfile Giorgio Armani Privé. Fizemos a prova de um vestido e estávamos apenas ele e eu. Tivemos um momento muito tranquilo em que ele se ajoelhou e prendeu a barra do meu vestido. Eu achei isso tão comovente. Ele é muito ativo e seguro de si, mas também muito humilde.

22. O que é a feminilidade de Giorgio Armani para você?

O senso de beleza feminina e feminilidade do Sr. Armani é incrivelmente complexo, mas ao mesmo tempo, fácil e confiante. O Sr. Armani foi uma influência estética e intelectual muito importante em minha vida. Ele conhece tantas formas de expressão artística, da arquitetura à moda, passando por móveis e todas as partes do design e da estética. Ele é um homem muito otimista e curioso, e é um dos pioneiros em abraçar todas as possibilidades das nuances da estética feminina, algo pelo qual sempre me interessei. Nunca fui, particularmente, abertamente feminina no sentido clichê da palavra. Eu adoro feminilidade, mas também sou muito atraída pela alfaiataria masculina. Eu ando nessa linha estética, que o Sr. Armani entende tão bem. Uma pessoa não precisa ser um ou outro, pode ser os dois simultaneamente. O senso de estilo do Sr. Armani, sua elegância sem esforço, sua mistura de linhas tradicionalmente masculinas e femininas têm sido uma inspiração para mim. Eu sinto que sempre aspirei à graça, simplicidade e atemporalidade que o Sr. Armani e seus designs incorporam.

23. Como você percebe a visão de beleza do Sr. Armani? Ela está de acordo com a sua própria visão de beleza?

A noção de beleza está sempre mudando. Em primeiro lugar, acho o mundo natural profundamente belo e inspirador. Muitas vezes é inesperado e surpreendente em sua dualidade. A noção de beleza como um estado de perfeição é estranha para mim porque é nas falhas ou imperfeições que algo revela sua singularidade, sua graça e seu poder. Em última análise, para mim, acho que a verdadeira beleza está sempre evoluindo.

24. Qual foi o momento mais memorável com Armani beauty ao longo dos anos?

Foram tantos. Ficar na ilha italiana de Pantelleria foi transformador. É um lugar muito poderoso onde se pode sonhar profundamente, pensar expansivamente e amar profundamente. É magnético e primitivo, não muito diferente do próprio Sr. Armani!

25. O que a Itália significa para você?

Resiliência, gosto, vida, amor e família. Já tive tantas aventuras por lá e estou sonhando com a próxima… Sempre me inspirei no design italiano, tanto passado quanto presente.


26. Que emoções um perfume geralmente evoca em você? Que poder você diria que uma fragrância tem?

A fragrância é definitivamente um canal para a emoção e a memória. É uma expressão muito pessoal do eu interior e dos desejos da pessoa. Essencial, claro, mas também revigorante.

27. O que você mais gostou na mensagem transmitida pela fragrância Sì?

Chamar uma fragrância exclusiva de Sì é uma mensagem poderosa e positiva, que convida as mulheres a se conectar positivamente com elas mesmas e com os outros, não importa a hora do dia. Dizer sim à vida, à possibilidade, à experiência, é essencialmente o que o Sr. Armani fez durante toda a sua vida. Ele abraça a vida em todas as suas complexidades: o bom, o mau, o belo, o emocionante, o assustador, o privado e o público. Tudo faz parte de estar verdadeiramente vivo.

28. Você sempre diz “Sì” para as coisas? Existe algum “Sì” que ainda não foi dito em sua vida?

São tantos “Sì” que eu ainda não disse, tantas coisas que ainda não fiz, tantos lugares em que ainda não estive; mas tantas experiências, ideias e surpresas ainda no horizonte. Adoro ser surpreendida pela vida. Estou sempre aberta para a minha vida seguir direções que eu não poderia ter imaginado. Minha vida está muito cheia e os últimos 12 meses foram muito mais tranquilos e introspectivos do que nos anos anteriores, mas isso por si só foi uma surpresa para a qual tive que dizer sim. Muitas vezes, dizer “Sì” envolve riscos, mas o risco muitas vezes leva à aventura que sempre revela algo até então desconhecido.

29. Sì Eau de Parfum Intense, uma nova versão da fragrância está sendo lançada, e combina notas que incluem baunilha proveniente de Madagascar através do programa Fornecimento Solidário de Giorgio Armani, que contribui para apoiar economicamente as comunidades agrícolas. Como você se sente com relação a essa iniciativa de marca?

Eu absolutamente apoio e aplaudo materiais provenientes de uma cadeia de produção ética. É o único caminho a seguir.

30. Entre Sì Eau de Parfum, Sì Eau de Parfum Intense e Sì Passione, qual fragrância você prefere da coleção Sì?

Essa é uma pergunta tão difícil! Frequentemente, combino duas fragrâncias. Eu acabei de descobrir Sì Intense, e é a que eu mais tenho usado, mas eu combinaria algumas das fragrâncias, principalmente se eu tiver compromisso que vão da manhã até à noite. Sinto que elas são tão complementares umas às outras.

31. A última campanha de Sì foi filmada por Tom Munro e dirigida por Fleur Fortuné. Qual é a sua relação criativa com cada um deles?

Eu adoro o Tom, tanto como ser humano quanto como fotógrafo. Ele é tão ágil e adaptável, caloroso e inteligente e eu adoro o tempo que passei conversando com ele e respirando o mesmo ar, mesmo quando nós dois estávamos usando máscaras. Temos um amor compartilhado pela natureza, por longas caminhadas, tanto quanto por tirar uma ótima foto, e ele é incrivelmente engraçado. Fleur é maravilhosamente efervescente. Sua alegria e criatividade são inspiradoras e as duas vezes em que trabalhamos juntas foram de pura alegria.

Source: Vogue Brazil

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Apr 7, 2021

Cate Blanchett joins Lauren Hough in narrating the audiobook version Leaving Isn’t the Hardest Thing

Hi, everyone!

New mini-project from Cate. She joined author Lauren Hough in narrating audiobook version of her book Leaving Isn’t the Hardest Thing. We linked where you can pre-order if you want. Check below.

Cate Blanchett Joins Lauren Hough In Narration Of ‘Leaving Isn’t The Hardest Thing’

Cate Blanchett has joined author Lauren Hough in narrating the audiobook edition of Hough’s Leaving Isn’t the Hardest Thing, to be published April 13. Book is a personal collection of essays from the heart of working-class America, shot through with the darkest elements the country can manifest–cults, homelessness, and hunger–while discovering light and humor in unexpected corners. Hough has had many identities: an airman in the U.S. Air Force, a cable guy, a bouncer at a gay club. As a child, she grew up as a member of the infamous cult The Children of God, which took her all over the globe — to Germany, Japan, Texas, Chile — and it wasn’t until she finally left for good that Lauren understood she could have a life beyond The Family. Along the way, she’s loaded up her car and started over, trading one life for the next, until eventually finding herself as what she always wanted to be: a writer.

Blanchett is plenty busy, but enlisted because she became a fan of Hough’s writing.

“Surreal is a word I’ve been using a lot lately,” Hough says of teaming up with Blanchett for the audiobook. “It’s the only word I have to describe any of this—from my cable guy essay blowing up, to sitting in a studio, reading the words I wrote for the audiobook, my audiobook. It’s been a ride. I mean, all of this is so new and different, so completely opposite the life I knew, that every part of it, even losing my voice because I’m not used to talking this much is just f—ing fun. Surreal is also a good word to being able to text Cate and ask her if she’s ever considered doing an audiobook. You write these words in the dark, just hoping to connect, if only to yourself. I doubt I’ll have any words at all when I hear Cate Blanchett read these stories I wrote. She’s been so tremendously generous and real. I’m incredibly honored and deeply grateful, and I am going to lose my damn mind.”

Said Blanchett: “Lauren’s perspective on the world at large is so startling that one can’t unsee, unhear or unread it. Her writing is a bugle call for the human spirit. Much like the woman herself. My conversations with Lauren over the last several years have been honest, raw and side-splittingly funny, and I treasure her friendship and her penship beyond measure. It’s been a journey, indeed, from first reading her tweets and articles through to ingesting the galleys for Leaving Isn’t the Hardest Thing. But speaking her words aloud was perhaps the greatest revelation of all. I well understood Lauren’s hypnotic power as a storyteller, but in speaking her words, I truly understood the rhythmic heartbeat alive in every phrase. Aching to connect. Aching to be heard.”

Click where you want to pre-order: Audible, Amazon, Google Play Books, Apple Books, Libro, Penguin Random House


Source: Deadline

Cate Blanchett: ‘Covid-19 has ravaged the whole idea of small government’
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Oct 28, 2020

Cate Blanchett: ‘Covid-19 has ravaged the whole idea of small government’

Hi, Blanchetters!

Cate has written an essay as part of the new book, Upturn: A Better Normal After COVID-19, by Tanya Plibersek.

Here’s an extract:

The other day I had to go into town for a dental appointment. I put on all sorts of lovely clothes as if I were going out to dinner and an opening night. The prospect of being out and about was both exhilarating and daunting. I so desperately wanted to be among people and in the city, but I’d also completely forgotten what an event was. The dentist did not seem surprised by my sartorial over-commitment – but then, I was not the first patient he had seen since lockdown.

As a person working in the arts sector, the lockdown was strangely familiar on one level – a lot of actors get stuck in a kind of limbo waiting for someone else to give them permission to do what they are good at. It was as if we were all waiting by the phone for our agent to call. It was also strangely unfamiliar because the community that holds us together, the audiences, as well as the changing of the shows and the new releases, were all put on hold too. The flow between us all was severely affected, and I was both heartened and horrified when it began to surface online. Heartened because the urge to express ourselves and the desire to communicate seems undaunted by anything. Horrified because the worst place to rehearse and perform is alone in the mirror, and sometimes the phone is just a mirror.

It was amazing, though: the opera singers belting it out on their balconies, the dancers doing their solos in their living rooms, the DJs setting up on the verandahs of their apartments. Communication is definitely a need and not a want. And talent has to express itself. That need is like the roots of a tree seeking space and nutrition, and that single cell in the root hair that is the porous gateway between the soil and the plant – that exists in all of us, in our need to communicate and make shared sense. The porous gateway between audience and artist is just that – a two-way street where both seemingly separate worlds are alive together. The pub choir where everyone got on a group Zoom and sang. For themselves? Yes. For each other? Yes. For the uni- verse? Yes. Wonderful space that came alive and thrived and tried to reach across the divide.

Covid-19 has made one thing terribly clear – government is not the same as business. The role of government is to regulate and guide the increasingly complex social landscape. Business is only a part of that landscape. Health, infrastructure, the legal system, education: these are not businesses. First and foremost they are part of society, part of our duty to each other and to the system that we are all beneficiaries of – or should be beneficiaries of – but that is a whole other catastrophe that has been made awfully clear in the last six months.

So what has Covid-19 ripped open? The fragility of social space and the robustness of our need to share. The catastrophic misdirection of the past 30 years of economic and social planning (the guiding non-principle being that there is no such thing as society). No, short of nostalgia and regret, Covid-19 has ravaged the whole idea of small government, and highlighted the importance of social and economic justice. Powerfully illustrating these concerns, the most recent wave of Black Lives Matter (BLM) activism has underlined the need for an equitable and humane social plan.

For the arts, I fear the good old days of root and soil porous gateway-ism are a thing of the past. The relationship between artist and audience has changed fundamentally. The tools of the future on hand today, from selfies to Zoom, are just awkward attempts to grab back the surface appearance of connectivity. Real connectivity will need to find a new way. The good news is, it will – and it will be fascinating and illuminating and confronting.

My guess is, it will be in the event. The fabulous event of coming together; gathering and going out (even to the dentist) and I think it will be in politics first and foremost, in argument and protest. The iconic images and moments of lockdown for me are: “I can’t breathe” written on the face masks of the BLM protesters; that courtyard in Italy filled with singing neighbours; that anonymous Lady Godiva protester in Portland, sitting stark naked in front of the police; the quiet skies; and the self-proclaimed business-genius president of the most important democracy in the world recommending ingesting or injecting disinfectant.

The common link between these iconic events is profoundly political, because the political space is where we gather, and with rhetoric or imagery or gesture, with some kind of enhanced reality (let’s call it a performance) we express what we need to say. Each one of these is startling. There is a profound element in them that is revelatory. We engage with the performance of the gesture and the whole of it is greater than the sum of its parts. I think this need to gather is fundamental to who we are, and it has been stymied by Covid-19 but also underlined by it, and that need in us for community addresses the difficult lesson we have to learn: business is not government and government is not a business. The biggest choice as governments began thinking about easing lockdowns, the choice that really seems to divide us deeply, is that between community and economy.

Like life, art can be a business. But like life, art is not all business – and it is that endangered space where life and art are not just about money that government is there to help safeguard.

Source: The Guardian

Cate Blanchett: Vogue’s Hope Series, Newspaper Scans, and This Changes Everything
Posted on
Aug 17, 2020

Cate Blanchett: Vogue’s Hope Series, Newspaper Scans, and This Changes Everything

Hello, fellow Blanchetters!

Cate has written a piece about hope as part  of Vogue’s Hope series. On other news, photographers Firooz Zahedi and Simon Annand are releasing their own books, with Cate as cover of Zahedi’s book and her giving a foreword on Annand’s book. We also have scans from last week’s issue of Le Figaro and The Sunday Telegraph, and screencaptures from This Changes Everything. Check them below.

Cate Blanchett: “The Internet Is A Haven For ‘Strongman’ Attitudes And Posturing. I Hope We Can Find A Way Out”

I hope we can find a way to live together.

It’s so easy to get angry when you know you are right… and sometimes that delicious satisfaction I taste in the echo chamber of my own righteousness is an end in itself.

I’ve been thinking a lot about anger. About the kind of rage and frustration that can take hold of you in the bubble of your car, where you can vent and rant and Be Right — irrespective of reality or of the tedious and confronting complications of other people and other opinions and other anger. And I have been wondering if the internet is the same — a kind of car-like bubble, a non-space that has allowed us all to go deeper and deeper into our private rage and frustration. Where all our (let’s face it) amateur solutions to the world’s problems make such perfect, uncensored and liberatingly unvetted sense. A place where whatever I say goes. A haven for ‘strongman’ attitudes and posturing.

I hope we can find a way out of this bubble, so we can see each other again and relearn how to live together. I hope we can remember not only how to talk to each other, but also how to listen to each other.

Because when I think about those times when I am utterly convinced of my own righteousness, I have to remember the plight of the world’s refugees throughout history — people uprooted by disasters such as famine, war and persecution. Disasters that were, more often than not, created by the whim, instinct or rage of a ‘strongman’ or a belligerent state; bad ideas that led to thousands of young men killing and looting and being reassured that the madness and chaos that they had unleashed was really making the world a better place…

And when, as they always do, those strongmen had withered away — along with their promises and posturing and certainty that they knew best — those refugees who had wandered in search of peace and protection could finally return home or put down roots in new places, having made new families, friends, homes and communities. And for a while, they could live free of the anger and answers from those who know what’s best.

The reason I dwell on refugees throughout history is that when you are exiled and broken, at the mercy of forces beyond your control, the one thing you still have is each other. For the sake of my four children, I have to hope that we can find a way to come together, because there cannot be seven billion ‘number ones’.

On my travels as a goodwill ambassador for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, I once met a young man called Shadi in a refugee camp in Jordan. Shadi had planted a tree in the unforgiving desert soil and watered it every day. He had planted it so it would grow big and strong for his daughter to enjoy in the years to come; but he watered it so that every day he himself could experience and affirm his humanity and his agency — and his hope in the face of overwhelming trouble and chaos.

I share Shadi’s hope — and I stress ‘hope’ rather than Pollyanna-ish optimism, because no matter how hopeless a situation may seem, the answer is to respond with realism, a desire to take up the challenges that undeniably exist, and to accept and then tackle the scale of the task. There are almost 80 million forcibly displaced people worldwide right now — ordinary people forced from their homes by conflict, violence, persecution, and human rights violations. We can help them by coming together, by listening to each other and finding collective solutions. By bursting the bubble, and once again setting ourselves free of the anger and answers from those who think they know what’s best.

Look At Me

Le Figaro

The Sunday Telegraph

This Changes Everything 2019

Source: Vogue UK, Vogue,

Cate Blanchett as a guest on #BooksToLiveBy – a BBC Sounds podcast
Posted on
Mar 28, 2019

Cate Blanchett as a guest on #BooksToLiveBy – a BBC Sounds podcast

Hey Blanchetters!!!!

The BBC Sounds podcast called Books To Live By hosted by Mariella Frostrup has released it’s episode featuring Cate Blanchett today!!!

Click on the image to listen to it!

Update: Thanks to Catepedia on CBF Chat!