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Stuart X and This Changes Everything available on streaming

Stuart X and This Changes Everything available on streaming

Hello Blanchetters!

Two projects from last year are now available on streaming.

This Changes Everything, an investigative look and analysis of gender disparity in Hollywood, featuring accounts from well-known actors, executives and artists in the Industry, is available on Amazon Prime/Starz. You can watch it here.

Stuart X, narrated by Cate and directed by Thibault Upton (that we thank for reaching out to us to let us know about this), is available on Youtube, and you can watch it below. Enjoy!

First look at “Sweet Tooth”, Australian fairy tale film narrated by Cate Blanchett

First look at “Sweet Tooth”, Australian fairy tale film narrated by Cate Blanchett

Hey everyone!

New project with Cate!

Cate Blanchett is the narrator of new Australian fairy tale short film called Sweet Tooth. The 22 minutes movie, set in a fictional European town in 1780, is inspired by the classic narrative of Hansel and Gretel but focusing on the untold of the wicked witch and her gingerbread house.
Sweet Tooth is directed by Shannon Ashlyn and it is also a project proudly committed to pushing for change both in front of and behind the camera in terms of gender parity in the film industry.

No release date is available at the moment. However, stay tuned!


Once upon a time, there were a brother and a sister called Hansel and Gretel. The children stumbled through the dark woods, lost and afraid, until they came upon a marvelous house of sugar and spice and everything nice. That is the fairy tale we know. But there are always two sides to every story.
Many moons earlier, a little girl is born to a penniless baker’s maid – a baby blinded by the Red Devil’s disease. Together with her little brother, she must navigate a cold world and stand up to the hardened townsfolk who dislike them. But, as time passes, the children have fewer and fewer places left to hide and must seek refuge in the forest. Out there, it will be up to them to find a home where no one will ever find them. Until, one day, there would come a brother and a sister: Hansel and Gretel.

On Cate Blanchett being part of the project:

Cate Blanchett supports emerging female filmmakers

Albert Einstein once said, ‘If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairytales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairytales!’ And who better to tell you a tale of dark forests and magic beyond your wildest dreams than the inimitable Cate Blanchett?

Blanchett has unquestionably given wings to these filmmakers as they step out onto the international stage with their first film. By endorsing this story, the Australian icon has not only elevated the film in a way they hardly dared imagine until it actually happened, but she has also made a clear statement about supporting emerging female talent going forth and claiming executive roles in filmmaking, the roles which are traditionally (and therefore disproportionately) filled by men.
The week the filmmakers approached Blanchett, Dr. Blasey Ford was standing trial in the Kavanaugh hearings in the US. It never felt more timely to be courageous and to go out on a limb for the sake of women everywhere. Witch hunts are far from being a thing of the past.
To Ashlyn and Shearer, the fact that Blanchett agreed to lend her voice and profile to Sweet Tooth is proof that when women unite, anything is possible, and that magic doesn’t just happen in fairy tales.


How did you convince Cate Blanchett to join the Sweet Tooth team?

Shannon Ashlyn: The answer is very simple: we just asked her – from the heart and with zero expectations. Mad as it sounds, we never imagined anyone else narrating, so when it finally came to it, I plucked up the courage to record a piece to camera explaining why I had written the film and why I believed its message might be something Cate may also deem important. Admittedly, it felt surreal…!
Katherine Shearer: That was the first, crucial step. But after that, it still took a lot of faith and support from the people around us to get our message to Cate. For instance, our casting agent and mentors at AFTRS really put themselves out there for us, even as first-time filmmakers. That was incredibly humbling, and we are so thankful. The fact that Cate actually agreed was – and is – a dream come true.

Teaser – Trailer


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Cate Blanchett voices a Mary River Turtle to support the Wilderness Society

Cate Blanchett voices a Mary River Turtle to support the Wilderness Society

Hello dears!

Cate Blanchett manifests her love for the enviroment by taking part in new campaing promoted by the Wilderness Society: Save Ugly.

In the musical film below, directed by Zoe Bell (Cate’s stunt in Thor) advertising the need to save even the ugliest animal species, she lends her voice to the Mary River Turtle.

This bum-breathing turtle once pooped fruit seeds along river banks. How did it wind up on the endangered species list? For decades, the ‘Penny Turtle’ was caught and sold in pet shops. In 2009, a powerful campaign helped to stop its home on the Mary River in Queensland from being dammed. Now it’s slowly making a comeback.


The Wilderness Society has today launched ‘Save Ugly’ — a radical new conservation campaign to raise awareness of all the ‘ugly’ creatures that help make life possible, warts and all.

‘Save Ugly’ is part of a major brand repositioning by The Wilderness Society, which aims to engage Australians of all ages and backgrounds. Rather than focusing on protecting the charismatic species — pandas, whales and tigers — The Wilderness Society is championing all the other vital parts of ecosystems.

The bits that aren’t so beautiful.

To mark the launch, The Wilderness Society has enlisted Hollywood actress and activist, Rosario Dawson, as well as a local cast of Aussie talent — including Cate Blanchett and Joel Edgerton — to feature in a three-minute musical comedy film, alongside a range of social media content and engagement activity.

Dressed as an Ethmia Clytodoxa Moth, the film features Rosario singing her way around Australia’s lesser known, uglier animals that help keep the world’s ecosystems functioning — such as the green, mohawk-wearing Mary River Turtle which breathes through its genitals, and the Southern Right Whale whose faeces provides much-needed nutrients to the ocean’s phytoplankton.

The campaign raises awareness that despite their ugliness, these quirky qualities are crucial for soil improvement, pollination, aquatic food webs and water purification.

The ‘Save Ugly’ Cast

Rosario Dawson as Ethmia Clytodoxa Moth
Cate Blanchett as Mary River Turtle
Joel Edgerton as Ghost Shark
Teresa Palmer as Southern Right Whale
Claudia O’Doherty as Phytoplankton
Erik Thomson as South-Eastern Long-Eared Bat
Samara Weaving as Ghost Bat
Sara Wiseman as Ghost Bat
Dan Wyllie as Giant Gippsland Earthworm

The Wilderness Society Australia national creative and communications director Rob Beamish said, “Our research shows people do care about the environment.

“But their concern is latent. They don’t see the immediate threat or consider other concerns more significant.

“Plus, there’s an emotional bias about green groups in people’s minds that hinders our ability to engage the mainstream.

“These challenges have called for a fresh approach that grabs people’s attention and makes the message super sticky.

“Starting with Save Ugly, we have a deep campaign strategy to overhaul the environmental protection regime in Australia, with new laws and a new body to monitor and enforce change.

“This campaign is the humorous tip of a very serious spear. Save Ugly is our excuse to start conversations about humankind’s need to preserve intact ecosystems, for our own survival. Then drive the change needed to reflect this in legislation.”

Along with a talented cast, the film has been produced by Curious Film and directed by none other than New Zealand-born Zoë Bell — famously known for her role as Uma Thurman’s stunt double in Kill Bill.

Commenting on her involvement, Zoë Bell said, “Everything about this project just felt good, start to finish. The guys at The Wilderness Society are amazing — taking a deeply worthy cause, and coming up with an entirely fresh concept. I feel so honoured to be a part of it.

“We had a stellar crew, and everyone — from construction, camera and costume, to producers, actors and puppeteers — were so excited to get involved and lend their support. It’s a true testament to the bold concept that is Save Ugly, and the desire of everyone to get behind such an incredible cause.”

Supporting the full visual rebrand — which includes a new website and logo design — the film will go live on the campaign landing page from today, supported by a series of short content pieces shared on The Wilderness Society’s social channels — encouraging people to show their support and donate to the cause.

“We’re incredibly grateful to have received such generous support on this project. Curious Film and Electric Dreams in particular have donated so much of their time to help bring this idea to fruition.

“It’s been a huge investment from all parties involved, but it just goes to show what can be achieved when groups come together for something they truly believe in,” Rob adds.

The Wilderness Society works to support life because life supports all of us.

People can get involved by making a one-off donation, supporting a campaign action,becoming a member, purchasing a Save Ugly t-shirt, or adopting an ugly animal.

Find out how you can help Save Ugly at